Hip hop made with the Digitakt


you inspired me and I Made 3 quicky beats at lunch today. of course they lack the completion and polish of yours but you gave me some new ideas to run with. ill post them in a bit.




heres what I came up with.



Nice man! I really like the old wu-tang like vibe on the first one


thanks my dude! much appreciated!


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And another Lofi one for this Rainy Saturday (at least here in Amsterdam it is)
(digitakt on sample and drums, moog minitaur on bass)


Just released today with a group that I’m 1/3 of! Tracks 1,2,6, and 12 all Digitakt (some ext synths sequenced too). Lots of Digitakt and some Rytm all over the rest.


I’m listening to this as I’m still in “wake up mode”. I felt compelled to dance around listening to this.

I guess the music fulfills it intended purpose. Congrats!


Sympa. Pas beaucoup de taf dessus mais le sample original est une pépite d’un 45T français.


OK, I cheated on this one. The OT is in play, but isn’t playing the beat. Still counts, right ?


Hey noob alert here…first track after a few days owning it…some samples with a nice filter for bassline. having fun with this!


Very nice, keep it up everyone!


So it’s not quite hip hop but footwork is a close cousin. I have an OT taking care of the voice samples but the bulk of the track comes from the drums performed on the Digitakt.


Hey guys ! First post here, but long time lurker… Got myself a Digitakt during Black Friday, and bam, here I am.

Allow me to introduce myself with my first beat done on this lovely machine…

@DimensionsTomorrow @Sleepyhead I’m following you guys on SC, really nice beats you got there…




Really fun vocal manipulation there! Good stuff.


Loving this thread so much, so much good music


Cheers man! Thanks and welcome to the group!


Killer beat! Bumping it on my train ride home. Fantastic drums, and really nice mix.