Hip hop made with the Digitakt


i’m liking some of these beats people, so here’s my hat in the ring

all digitakt apart from the mic and tiny minilogue riff. recorded to cassette and riffed off a short story i had to write back in uni a few years ago


here’s my effort, with a little bit of help from the novation circuit.


How about this?


Hey everybody. I was on a bit of a hiatus for a while, but finally got some time to sit down with the Digitakt. Here is my entry for Stones Throw Beat Battle 550. It’s also my first attempt at using an acappella. Give it a listen if you have a minute. Thanks!


Thats an ill remix my man☺


Thanks brother! Means a lot to me coming from you.


No joke, I thought it was one of my acapellas just from the voice but then I listened to the lyrics and said “oh thats DOOM” People used to say I sound like DOOM, I never got it until now. Caught me off guard but I get it now😀


Doom might be my favorite rapper of all time, and you definitely have that sick flow. I pitched that vocal down just a hair to get it to match up better with the beat, so it might be that you have a slightly lower voice than he does, but definitely in a similar register. I can’t wait for your Digitakt album to drop. If you make up some tapes or something, I’ll definitely be buying one!


Buska: Your Ultramagnetic MCs joint inspired my last track. I’ve been wanting to mess with an acappella ever since I heard it. Lol.


Thank you Dimensions!! Means a lot to me.:slight_smile:

That mix is really dope, DOOM my favorite too. Did you trigger the acapella on the Digitakt or used an external device? Nice job. As someone coming from the SPs, Digitakt is a next level lofi machine, I love what it does for vinyl.


Nice reminds me of a Roots Manuva beat.


I bet when ur mom sent u to the closet as punishment, she had no idea what you have set up in there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



some random p-locking trig condition shit I came up with the past few days. It might not be “pure hiphop” but i’d rap the shit outta of it. LOL

lemme know what you guys think. I have one more ill edit and add to the post.



The first one to get it right! Yes, it was a walk-in closet. My mom used to beat me with a pillow, I used to act like it hurted because if I mocked her she’ll upgrade to the frying pan.


A bit like Prefuse 73!


Like, I was already going to give it a listen- but this response is what made me HAVE to do it. I hear it.

It sounds like Venetian Snares “Chocolate Wheelchair” in 4/4 personally

Or off Funksturongs “Disconnected” album


Sounds like old school Hip Hop really😀


I gave this it’s own thread, but thought it kinda sorta fits here. I made this on the Rytm using samples only to see if I wanted to trade for the Digitakt. Which I did lol. Volume 2 will be made with the Digitakt! Hopefully Elektron adds a notch filter mode, which I used a ton on this.


this is that sure fiyah butta!!


appreciate the love! Prefuse is someone I looked up to alot growing up, a fellow cubano as well, I remember wanting to be signed to Chocolate Industries, a few of my peers did work with him etc. Stand up guy.

Thanks for the comparisons!

Lets see what the hell I do for my album with the Digi