Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Hell yea, some of that original 80’s freshness!


Good news for everybody: you’re making great music with the DT.

Bad news for me: It looks like you no longer want to get rid of your DT :smiley:


ah damn! i thought you had the DT and wanted to just off the Rytm for an op-1. My bad dude I was hella confused. #weed :pensive:


No DT yet- I’m wanting both at some point. But, for now, the DT is more pressing. :smiley:

That may change, we’ll see! I’ll definitely keep you posted!


That’s all Digitakt. I sampled the acappella into the Digi.


Awesome! Sounds RAW! Really gels together.

I was thinking of defeating the 33 second limit and sample minute verses at high speeds and slow them back on the Digi. Like the old SP1200 trick. Haven’t gotten to it because these hurricanes got me biting my nails.:anguished:


Stay safe. My parents just rode out that last hurricane in Tampa. That was definitely a nail-biter.


Haha awesome :smiley:


woah thanks man, big roots manuva fan here


thats all I did during the storm. Make beats beats.


That’s how I approach the sampling when I can. I dub it to my sony cassette player and then record into digitakt at a faster speed.


I did this little beat. Saw the view and went “here, now”
On another note DT and sand do not get along.


Love it! you already know I had to repost it on my other IG #ElektronAndChill tho cuz Le Filou dropped that op1 heat, good to see you on the Elektron train !


Thanks @Naked_Viking!

Here’s a new hiphop inspired sampled beat for your listening pleasure :slight_smile:
I’m loving the DT more and more. Hope to develop more on the live tricks side of things.


im digging it. im going to repost it now on the other IG acct.


Please do! Thank you sir


Something I did when I first got my Digi

[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]https://www.instagram.com/p/BVolpTmjwtb/


How did you have those slices on it? (I don’t own one and haven’t RTFM yet, I’m just curious.)

Sounds good by the way


Those are the sample start, end, and loop point.


Not made on Digi since I don’t have one yet, but still it’s classic hh in shape n soul so I guess that’s sufficient to fit the theme. Owning the OT mk1 for about a month now and having a blast with it, a supreme beatmachine hidden inside that small black metal box.