Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Love the Wu Tang vibe!


Oh man, I’m a huge fan of your work on the SP. Welcome to the board. How do you like the Digitakt?

Edit: Album purchased. Looking forward to checking this out.


Wow!Thank you I appreciate the props. I love the Digitakt,its one of the illest if not the best beat machine I have ever used. Peace


Here’s on of my latest noodlings using the Digitakt with the SP. I’m also using the OB beta testing out the audio over USB.


Ah, man, I’m happy to hear you are digging it. I’m looking forward to hearing more albums on the Digitakt and I’d love to see a video if you ever get a chance.


here’s a little ditty i put together here for jamuary, the rest of my stuff for the month is up there too! enjoy :slight_smile:


Same here, i listened to a lot of the stuff you did on the sp, and i made the same move sp—>dt. Right now im combining the 2 for the best of both worlds… good to have you join this forum, a lot of great music is being posted here and i hope you’ll keep us updated of your work!


Thanks Sleepyhead I appreciate the kind words! Iv’e been using both the Sp and Dt combo as well,like you said best of both worlds.


That tape saturation is so rich! Dope beat/techniques!




My new fresh one https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs3Uxk0F1rB/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=10fsljpzac5yh



here’s a new lofi-ish beat from my little black box


Another one!


Just uploaded this one earlier this morning! I love seeing others using the 404 and DT together. Such a great combo.


Man, found this reply reading the tread. You are reading my mind - like, if an idea is worthy to develop, I take next steps, otherwise it dies silently.
Some ten years ago I was in such a block because of perfectionism, decided not to go that path again.



NIce one!


I sold my Rytm mkii’s because I used them as samplers so I was basicly only using the digitakt side of the Rytm. Im now using the Octatrack mkii for production


'sup fellaz! Lately, I’ve been thinking about replacing my DT + sp404sx combo by an OT for beatmaking… Thoughts on that?

While contemplating that, I’ve been making some beats with just the SP. I know I’m off topic by posting it, but I like the vibes we got in this thread, and I don’t post my music in many places besides here…