Hip hop made with the Digitakt


I’d personally swap the DT with an OT MKI and keep the 404 for the FX as a send effect from the OT. You may be able to get away with this deal for a couple hundred tops.

Edit: you can also use the OT to sequence pad hits on the 404, freeing up more tracks on the OT.


Not too keen on keeping a second sampler if I take the OT road… Part of my lust for an OT is to reduce my set up to the max and focus on one main machine. Plus I have a zoom ms70 I could use as a send… and I’m not the biggest fan of the sp404 effects.


heres some free sp1200 samples for your pleasure https://www.flstudiomusic.com/2010/05/sp-1200-drum-kit-736-samples.html


So here is my try at beat making. All just DT, sampled from vinyl.



My first official DT track. Instrumental.


New one ft my sp404


I was considering the same for a while, but i keep reading about the sound of the octa not being up to par with the sound of the digitakt. I love the sound and immediacy of the DT+sp combo so i’ll stick to those for now. Why do you consider switching?


well, you might recognize the guy speaking here. In this political satire he’s tellin you the truth, for real.

I made the music complete from scratch. Drums were done using a Basimilus Iteritas Alter, sampled by Digitakt, accompanied by some DFAM percussion, some lines played with grandmother and a make noise dpo running through a strymon magneto. Mixed and arranged in ableton live.


This is great!



great sample glitchin – how did ya do that song?


Thank you! Crazy bassline is moog grandmother, also some synth details - but the rest is all DT performed and recorded through OB, so the glitching is track+all and changing the sample/loop/start/end i believe :slight_smile:


yeah, i love my granny too


all SNES sampled
from Street Fighter II and Starfox

Chun-Li Vs. Starfox Flip

All Digitakt record with H6


Digitakt ft a zoom sampletrak, keys and moog bass…




Not exactly hip hop at all, but could work with some reggae toasting…


If anyone uses Instagram here’s a live jam of my track trains which I created on the Digitakt. I warn you it was recorded on my phone but sounds ok through my monitors so I hope you can get the gist. At least until I upload it properly. I took samples from a uk based graffiti film called system tumors on youtube. I felt what they were saying and thought that when they tag trains they get the same sense of peace and freedom bliss we get from music and jamming, we listen back to our music and others whilst they see their tags and other peoples art. https://www.instagram.com/tv/BtFOZKJhhxC/?hl=en


Nice! I Sampled the same song the other day haha, i like the vocal pieces coming in after a while


Just another one I did today to break the silence… this one is featering the moog grandmother which was sequenced by the DT