Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Yo! This is the first beat I’ve made in digitakt that I’m comfortable putting out (also my first post here). Still getting comfortable with this little guy. Like what I’m hearing above.


produced the entire ep with digitakt and ableton, hope you guys enjoy, and also give me feedback!, thanks for listening! https://soundcloud.com/apollox-3/sets/sullen-nights-in-houston-part-1



Very SAMIYAM-esque. I dig it!


All digitakt and some guitar pedals


sounds really good bro!



I’m working on live versions for some of my tracks, here is one extract of a beat I made on this duo.
Digitone: synths, bass
Digitakt: drums, vocal samples, sequencing DN

The original version can be found here.


This is my first track, still much to learn, I almost went with an octatrack and happy that I got the digitakt. It’s a great work flow and many ways to be creative

Check it out!


Quality tunes! Is it you on vocals too?


Digitakt to tape machine! http://vortexslc.bandcamp.com/track/smoke


This is another beat on the tape machine, my youtube has a couple digitakt beats as well as my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/cmngrp/candy


100% digitakt jam record with H6


Awesome! Is your reel-to-reel hard to maintain/service? How hard is it to find tape?


Are you sequencing your DN from you DT?

(Sounds great btw)


My homie serviced it for me 2 yrs ago, havent had trouble with it at all… once a year you have to demagnetize heads to keep your volume… before every use you clean the heads with alcohol and cotton swabs to keep the audio clean. just make sure all moving parts are free from sticking and making sure the pinch roller doesnt gum up to eliminate wow flutter and noise. I’m sure at some point i may have to replace the motor belt but this is “simple” tech from the 70’s so it’s all fairly easy to maintain. It is over 50 pounds though. Tape is easy to find but your machine has to be biased to the tape you feed into it. I use Recording the masters lpr35 1/4 tape. Its about 30 bucks on ebay i think. But once you get into 2inch territory good luck, each reel of tape runs about 250 or more.


That’s right, I use DT’s MIDI tracks to send notes. This way I can mute/unmute every parts from one device and I can select tracks I want to modify on the DN without having to leave and re-enter mute mode each time.


That’s a brilliant idea! Super convenient and with the 8 midi track you could make the patterns more like Ableton clips and replace one section with another


Hey Guys, I made this entirely on my Digitakt by sequencing and sampling back a Behringer Model D. After, I did some mixing in Logic. Hope you’ll enjoy it. I was inspired by a book and a movie called Shutter Island.


Peace i’m new here,just got the Digitakt aka “DA BLACK BOX” here’s a tape I made using only “DA BLACK BOX” https://kol404.bandcamp.com/album/ninja-warfare-talez-of-da-black-box?fbclid=IwAR1NigFNd6iQ0knwRHLWM44ksv5oAjhMFBYDSFu-NJhgWRJNncmNMXGs1lQ