Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Thanks man! Great to see you back. I hope things are getting better over there in PR, and I’m really looking forward to hearing more of your stuff this year!


thanks man!!!


BoomBap Lo-Fi beat i made sampling my synths on Digitakt and using SP404 for effects. A bit rusty on the Sp404.


Very dope man! Nice work. The 404 pairs really well with the DT.


Hey thanks man…yeah its great for that!


Very Nice man! Did you sequence the sp404 With a MIDI track or did you just put the audio through it?


Thanks bro just put audio thru it and twiddled the knobs…Just added a limiter in Ableton and thats it. I am very happy with the richness of the Dt’s sound…really nice sounding machine IMO.


Thnx man! I like hearing all these dope tracks in this thread… it feels like the digitakt is kind of a undiscovered treasure of hiphop beatmaking


Yeah i feel the same way about the sound. I’m thinking about using one of the miditracks to sequence my sp 303, just to increase the Total number of tracks/samples beyond the 8 audio tracks, but im not completely sure in how this Setup should work workflowwise. maybe just using iT to apply master fx like you is the most usefull…


A lot of cool music in this tread!
This is my 5 cents , first batch i cooked up on my digitakt…


Love it! Super good.


thanks for checking it out man!


Nice, those drums are knocking!


Sounds great! Followed you on sc…


Nice one bro…sounds clean!


New one… completely done on the digi, except for the bass guitar


I used to do a lot of boom bap hip hop when I started producing music, but haven’t done any beats for years.
This thread just screams at me “JOIN IN!!!”


Join in!


Hope I’m allowed to join with this one, even if sample work is done on the OT. But Digi does the synth job.


I produce all the drum tracks in my tunes via Digitakt, but everything else is synthwork. should I still post here, or is this really Digitakt only forum? :slight_smile: