Hard/Softcore - single cycle waveform tools for Digitakt et al


I just tried and had 0 problems. I did do the step specified in the Important file on both the dmg’s before opening them as normal and dragging the apps themselves to my application folder.

After that they started without issue and work perfectly.

Thanks a bunch @Ess!


what OS are you running? Im on 10.9.5


Same issue with El Cap 10.11.6.


Found a really cool patch last night that when you sweep from 0 - 100 on one of the waveforms it made a vocal growl…i took the time to export 128 variations sequenced from 0 to 127 so i can hopefully either load them into every sample slot of the DT or at least my Blofeld. Not sure that the DT will alow the LFO to change sample slot without a trig however so it may be to steppy.

Questions _ does each number between 0 and 100 have 3 or 4 variances before the number changes? I could see the waveform change in increments before the digit changed?

How do you save? I couldnt save the patch…i could export the wave but when i selected save or save as no window appeared? So i had to shut down without saving the patch anywhere. Windows 10.

Really nice job…one step closer to my dream of having the pittsburgh modular DNA module in elektron format…


also having Win10 problems. crashes, no sound output - but can successfully save waves to file.


Hi henrycarden you managed to extract .dmg right? What osx version are you running?


From what i can work out it doesnt share the sound card with any other app. I can set my DT to midi over usb and turn the key/trig out on and play it like a synth using the DT in cromatic mode…i just have it set to the on board sound card, but when i do i cant even watch a youtube video …also had to close hardcore to even open transfer or c6…but i have it working.

Maybe try when no other apps are open


I’m using High Sierra.


Hi Nauts fixed both apps now running on MB pro i7 on Sierra the trick is on the terminal exactly as the important doc on the app folder


Frank throw the app on the terminal window just after the command and press return

I have to made it a couple of times one for hard and other for soft core apps


The problem is that I couldn’t even unpack the .dmg files


btw I solved by updating to 10.14.5 :smiley:


Well, just tried them!
Congratulations @Ess great job and beautiful useful apps!


No audio out on Windows… just using built in sound.


Love this app, I maybe imagining but did I hear a polyphonic mode during development?


Working for me on Mac.

I’m not sure I quite understand entirely how Hardcore works, but am enjoying using the randomizer, and also the cat function:



Very inspired by Hardcore.
I would like to see export to the sample chains, simply iterate on one parameter in selected range for 128 uniform distributed values (RYTM format) – obvious implementation.
Ideal, but perhaps not the most convenient format would be the assignment of subspaces and it parameterization from integer set)


No audio here as well, Windows 10 MOTU Ultralite mk3
altho no device will put out audio.


no offence, but have you guys tried using the keyboard to trigger sound?


it works now :slight_smile: