Hard/Softcore - single cycle waveform tools for Digitakt et al



I finally installed and played around with these things! This is brilliant, Ess! Thanks for making it and generously giving it away for free.

The interface is very snazzy and the implementation is very impressive!

Can’t wait to play with the output of these in my Digitakt!

Thanks again!


To be fair that caught me out too – I was expecting the speaker icon to trigger the sound :smiley:


Yeah, I think my next project might consist solely of single cycle waveforms on the DT, see how far it can go.


For anyone having troubles on MacOS:

  1. Download and mount the dmg
  2. Place app inside on desktop
  3. Open a Terminal window (cmd+space, type Terminal)
  4. Type "xattr -cr " without quotes (note the space at the end)
  5. Drag app onto Terminal window
  6. Hit enter


Works great!:grinning:

For those who can’t have Hard/softcore running or just want more tools: http://scw.sheetsofsound.com/editor.html


Well, that wasn’t obvious, haha. Works for me too now. Thank you!
I was expecting it to work as a drone.


Looks like I need to improve the manual a bit :smile:


This is great. Thx so much!

Btw, save function seems to not work properly in the main window (Windows 7). It apparently saved my audio related settings, but ‘Save As…’ in the main screen didn’t bring up the explorer window. Didn’t check if it saved anything when I hit ‘File -> Save’ cause I had trouble getting AudioTerm to recognize the wav files and thus spent some time tinkering around in AudioTerm and then forgot about the saving issue.

The UI is great, functional, easy to understand and navigate and really looks neat.
I had lots of fun playing around. Just needs three lfos + lfo designer for each of the slots in Hardcore :wink:


maybe would be good to have some indicator of midi/note trigger being received?
would be easier to diagnose problem.


Finally downloaded/installed this, made some waves, loaded them in the OT.
Figured it’d just be a few minutes to see what it was like.
5 hours later…!

This is significantly festive.
Thank you for your work. Totally amazing.


Make sure you drag the .app from the mounted disk into your applications folder.
Then proceed to terminal and paste "xattr -cr "
Then drag the .app from your applications folder into terminal, press Enter, Launch App :wavy_dash:


I installed this with no problem using WINE on Linux Mint 19, and apart from the odd crash of the settings window so far, it generates and plays waveforms fine.

Nice one @Ess - time to fire up the Electribe ESX again!


been making waves for monomachine on WaveEdit for a bit, psyched 2 be stoked to check these apps out to freek new waves



Next try.
I could open the save dialog from the main window, but only once and after I clicked on settings to check if my settings are still there, it’s not working anymore.
‘Save’ and ‘Save as…’ simply doesn’t open the explorer window. Also it seems, that it doesn’t save anything when I click ‘File -> Save’, not in main window at least. It seems to save the audio driver in the settings window, but the other settings aren’t saved.

Beautiful sounds, though! I’ll stick to screenshots to save my stuff^^


There is no save function like that, the only thing that’s meant to be saved is a wave file by pressing the diskette icon.


Are they automatable? softcore/hardcore.


Omg^^ :man_facepalming:
Forget it! I needz moa sleeps :cat:


Thanks for this :slight_smile:
Really appreciated,


I’ve made some fixes to the .dmg’s that should remove any issues for those of you who could not mount it properly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9xfj4pf2m2hwsfj/HardSoftcore_Mac.zip?dl=0