Grayscale Synapse - Eurorack module for A4/AK integration

These are available now, shipping worldwide:

After using the A4 with my Eurorack systems for a while, I wanted to design something that felt more integrated, and didn’t require special cables or adapters. The TRS outputs from the A4/AK go directly into the modular, where they are routed to four 3.5mm outputs with bipolar LEDs for each CV channel.


Very cool man - I’ve saved it in my browser

What’s he damage on shipping to Melbourne Australia

Very nice indeed! I will soon have my first modules and already made cables, but will definitely keep an eye and buy this asap. Do you guys ship to Europe?

Thanks Dogma, shipping to Melbourne is about $13. Shipping is automatically calculated through Paypal based on location.

Hi ggozad, no problem shipping to Europe.

it is buffered i guess…

i read it
ok :wink:

Yes, all outputs and inputs are buffered (to maintain consistent voltage output levels and to protect against accidental input voltages, respectively).

Awesome! I’ve talked to Nedavine about that in April. I’ve built a passive version of that. Nice though to have the active option. Great job!

This looks wonderful! Excellent job! You are not helping my resistance to dive into a small modular setup around the A4! :sob:

i will be getting mine in the next couple of days!

cheers to grayscale for making a module with much needed cv visual feedback and allows us to use nice neutrik TRS cables that are readily available at all audio shops.

after months of using the clumsy hosa cables i’m ready to say good riddance to those bulky y splitters :slight_smile:

just installed it in my rack

the visual feedback is priceless… and stackables are being properly utilized now :slight_smile: seeing the lights respond to each cv track’s exact voltage output and polarity really helps me stay organized

Thanks guys, just catching up on this thread. I appreciate the positive feedback! Nice pic as well, nirun, always cool to see the modules out there in the wild.

I concur…if you are going to use your A4 for CV this module is a must IMO, even if it’s the only module you have. :slight_smile:

Synapse is back in stock… also restocked Rubadub (Glasgow) and Schneidersladen (Berlin) last week.


Is this really worth it now that Elektron released the CV audio kit?

Yes to me it is. The visual feedback is priceless. Very happy with mine.

I use it along with a doepfer bus access to do behind the panel patching with just the two cables from the A4K. Works a treat. The only improvement I would wish for would be that the Synapse itself would access the bus via the power cable but I know support for it isn’t huge.

I also like the module because i can leave my patch set up for shows, all i gotta do is connect the a4 to the module and the clocks/cv are already ready to go. plus the LED’s are great visual feedback when setting up the patch

Ha, that’s pretty clever… I never knew about that A-185 Bus Access module. Agree that not many people use the CV/Gate bus but it’s a neat idea.

Glad that you guys find the module useful!