Grayscale Synapse - Eurorack module for A4/AK integration

I’m awaiting an A4 mk1 again. This time to use it as a fx und sequencing unit for my modular mainly.
Anyone experienced problem with the Elektron split cables? Would it be better to invest in a grayscale synapse module?

You can’t really fault the Elektron breakout kit at that cost - very handy. If you outgrow it in this application, it’ll still be handy.


I have a synapse for sale if you want. I dont use my mk1 anymore.

It does give led indication of CV also which is neat.

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Yeah the breakout cables are actually pretty good value (compared to buying a bunch of suitable cable/adaptors separately) and high quality.


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If anyone else is looking for a Synapse, they are no longer in production (since the A4 MK2 has dedicated outputs for all four CV signals) but you might find that some dealers still have them in stock, check for a list of suppliers.