Got inspiring OT performances to share?

Hey everyone ! I got the OT last week. I’m slowly learning how to use it, and I need inspiration because I don’t know WHAT to do with it yet. In a lot of YouTube videos I see the OT used like a hub or a glorified mixer, rarely doing more than some scene tricks over basic beats, or doing stuff I could do on the DT. And there are a lot of very useful tutorials, but tips are rarely put in practice or not in the context of a full track.

Do you know creative OT performances you’d like to share ? It can be any genre. I just want to see the OT in action and how talented people use it. Watching Dave Mech helped me so much back when I was familiarizing myself with the DT. Thanks !

I feel intimidated by the OT all the time

I thought this contest was very inspiring:


Ive been told this is inspiring, made it a few years ago. My take on DnB using OT only.


This one by Baseck generated quite a buzz recently:

I think your question is interesting. There’s loads of OT tutorials on YT, but few inspiring performances - or I’m not finding them either.

But… I wonder if this happens because many of the roles OT users make of it aren’t that inspiring on their own. I’m thinking of the mixer, sequencer and “hub” roles. Like… when do you watch someone just play their mixer and think “wow” (other than DJs). It’s rare, right? The OT packs loads of “Swiss Army knife” features into an little space.

I find the sound design and “tricks” people do with it more inspiring, usually. That said, check out @sezare56’s vids (and many of his posts on here). I also love this one on the comb filter:

Your question also suggests another: what did you get the OT for? What aspects of it do you want to be inspired in?

(EDIT: sorry for repeating ideas expressed earlier in the thread. Some quick-fingered folks beat me to the draw)


Damn, this sounds impressive, using only noise and comb filter !! Wish there was a video

When I first got mine this helped me a lot as a springboard for figuring out multiple ways to use the OT more as a live performance tool >

and IMO well worth buying the download for the 30 minute instruction video as Cenk describes the process and setup very well too!


This is great! I really like how your drums have space, and “jungle” slicing fun.

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After owning the OT for about 8 years. I recently started to appreciate the LFO designer a lot.

You can setup all 8 tracks either midi or audio tracks and use the LFO of track 1 for all track and than randomise the LFO with 1 push. This will spit out loops of CC over each track to whatever variable you want instantly.

It sort if control randomness great for experimentation and getting new ideas.

I would like to know if this was implemented after firmware upgrade or original in the design. Anyhow it is to me a massive cool feature which to my knowledge no other gear can do unless you go modular.



Nice. You had an arrangement ready or are you changing pattern faster than my eyes can see ?

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Ow I see you mean sound performance’ instead of performance tricks…anyway. :sunglasses:

Correct. I dont use song mode on anything.

Tons of videos and usefull links here by @Max.A. You’ll be occupied for a month or more!
Free Octatrack Tutorials list - #15 by Max.A

I think my videos are not very didactic nor beginner friendly but this one seems understandable and potentially fun.

My OTher videos


Nice links thanks ! I got the OT mainly because I have never loved a piece of gear like I love the DT, and while I love its limitations, I felt compelled to explore what a more flexible device like the OT could do.

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Not my style of music but these @nedrush videos are great:

He approaches it with an open mind and does some really fun stuff.



Not mine, but this vid tipped me into “I need an OT now” mode


Thanks everyone for your contributions! Somehow it finally clicked. I have a basic roadmap now. But learning how the use the OT is like a Dunning-Kruger rollercoaster so…

For me there’s two that stand out. The “what it does” video by Dataline, and a video by Paul Shemyakin that I think was called “Octatrack meets Britney” where he played a remix of Criminal on the OT. Sadly I can’t find this anymore, if anyone knows this video and where to see it I will be very happy :blush:

Here’s a live stream of mine using the OT. My bit starts at around 20 mins.


Not sure if this can be considered creative use, but here is my set from last year.
I use OT trickery rather subtle I guess, lot‘s of resampling for the transitions and some scenes for retriggering and randomization of sliced samples