Glo Phase AR sets

Hey everyone,
I’ll be recording and releasing a mini AR set the first of each month until July. Free DL as well. Let me know what you think!





You should play this fancy box with a strap !!

Seriously, I really like it :+1:
Especially the BoC-like sound around 10:00

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Thanks! love BoC
I think that’s a celeste sample from somewhere, obviously with the fine tune routed to the LFO. If they put a 2nd LFO on the rytm I would just have one permanently linked to fine tune for each track.
The filters on the rytm really liven up some samples too.


Nice! :+1:

Nice performance ! One machine and so much creativity.

Nice work. You’ve definitely shown the versatility of the Rytm as well. Really like the mellow laid-back vibe around the 19-minute mark.

You going to rock different gloves every month? Could be cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. That’s a great idea w the gloves, maybe I’ll do that. They didn’t go over so well on GS. I think they thought I was trying to be tough or cool or something. You’d think the glowing butterfly would suggested otherwise.

The new OS features are really great. x:x is a game changer. Fills can really add a lot to live sets. I would still like to see 128 steps in a future update (I’m thinking unlikely) but if never happened I could live without. A few more machines/parameters for a few existing machines and I’ll really have no complaints. Fav piece of gear ever? Possibly.

Totally agree about the new OS being a bit of a game changer with the probabilities and fill options. With clever use of probability trigs and fills, even a 16 step sequence can seem like a much longer one.
For 128 steps, one workaround could be to chain two 64 step patterns, each one with different fills and triggers for a ton of variations. :+1:

looking forward to april 1 :+1:

^hey thanks! There’s another recently recorded set on my SC
No vid (super cool gloves) for that one though unfortunately.

Yeah chaining patterns really isn’t as big of a pain as myself and others make it out to be and I do use it here and there. I’d still love to have a self contained 128 step pattern though. Although like I said the need really is significantly decreased with new features. If we could layer prob trigs it’d be even more so- future update?

Out of town for a few so April’s is early, check it!

free DL:

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Really dig “5 thieves” EP !
Get a good beer from me mate !

done and done, much appreciated!!

I listen to your tracks again and again ! I really love the melodies :slight_smile:
this is really good, mate !!

'Nauts, check this twice !! Some pretty sound in there !

Hell yes! Many thanks Lying Dalai!

month three is done!

28’ of goodness !

Mate, your sound is pretty cool here again.
But the video just makes my eyes bleed !!! :astonished:
And I’m not talking about furry hands ^^

haha, thanks!
Yeah, video isn’t really my specialty. For whatever reason this one was giving trouble. I’ll see if I can adjust it in you tube. Thanks for checking it out!

I don’t know how you gather video and audio and I’m not an expert…
But you have to know that one can do it directly within Ableton !
(Drag and drop your video file, it’s as simple as this).

If you want to follow this way, the only trouble is to find the right video codec (I found QuickTime was the only one working in my case) and the proper compression (H264 / MPEG4 iirc).

Keep up the good work !!
I really like how you treat the voices. More generally, I feel like you manage to give the melodic parts sufficient space so that the listener doesn’t focus on the drum part… Amazing use of this amazing beat machine !


That’s really nice, thanks a bunch!

I’m still in logic 9, recording audio via overbridge usb, effects through the stereo outs. I think the filter used in iMovie gave it that harsh look after it was bounced (didn’t exactly look like that in the software, I’m trying a few youtube filters to nullify it.

Ableton is on the list this year though!