Gear that is art


Nope. I lived in Leuven for 30 months though, and my son was born there… My heart is a bit Belgian now :wink:


My heart is still Belgian but I’ve lived in The Netherlands for almost 20 years now…


So sweeeeet…

it IS gear :wink:


I must add this then, because it’s GEARS. :wink:

(Porsche’s 8 speed Doppelkupplung transmission…)


Currently Gasing over the new Nord Grand. Such an elegant, well crafted piece. Think it really takes the Nord line to a whole new level, particularly with that grey raised control band across the whole unit, rather than the flat panel areas they usually do. Though maybe this is more design than art. Still, comes off as a work of art to me. I think I’d really like to have a totally excellent digital piano at my house for the rest of my life, kind’ve like my guitars which I never sell.


I think design and art can intertwine a bit, as well as a touch of science and engineering. They’re separate disciplines, but I feel like they do overlap quite a bit in many cases.



Some more from my friend and local luthier, Ken Bebensee…


Is that big one a warr guitar?


10 String! :smile: