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Surprised that no one mentioned reactable yet, pretty old but good enough that bjork was using it on live performances.


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I’m part of an artist collective called iii, which is short for Instrument Inventors Initiative:

A sample:

Mariska de Groot, Lumisonic Rotera (optical sound instrument):

Lars Kynde, Answer to Nancarrow (I’m the bald guy on the left and I completely screwed this performance :smiley: ):

Dewi de Vree and Jeroen Uyttendaele, Ground (graphite drawings as part of synth circuits):

Dewi de Vree and Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Kinematic Loom of Orbit (electromagnetic pick-up instrument):

Jonathan Reus, iMac Music (live circuit hacking/bending):

Myself and Matteo Marangoni, Lampyridae (a swarm of 66 autonomous electronic creatures):


Nicely put!!!




@AikiGhost showed me this guy a while back. I feel like it belongs here:


Wow… That all looks amazing, I want to hear them… :slight_smile:


Well, it was very expensive, you had to make a deposit, it’s super heavy, and i don’t even know if it really worked !!! I know Bjork put a reactable on stage but i don’t know if she or her musicians were really using it … maybe someone can tell us about this project, at the time, i was not very sure of what to expect … don’t take me wrong but it makes me feel like i have a big blue round table with an ipad app in front of me


My Dual SID C64 :wink:


Maybe not mentioned because of its age.

I finally got to try a Reactable at Discovery World in Milwaukee - lots of fun.

It was only expensive if you asked someone to make one for you. But the inventors provided the software for free, as well as instructions on how to build your own, using readily available materials. From what I recall, it did not look hard to build. The hardest work might be to cut the acrylic pieces. Most expensive component was probably the projector, which again could be any off the shelf computer projector.


That should be possible :slight_smile:

Many works have video documentation that is accessible through this page:


Great stuff.


Oh! Jerome Uyttendaele…! is my professor here in Brussels Academy… Well,haven’t had really the time this lasts months to go to the course, but still…nice to see him(his work) here!


That s Jeroen Uyttendaele :wink:


yes, of course…but my ‘google correction’ prefers the “francophone” version of him…!! :joy:


You don t have to buy it. The software framework is freely available. Add your own camera, beamer, etc. I ve seen it work in student projects.


I saw Björk perform at Werchter festival after Volta album (I believe it was in 2007). The reactable was definitely put in good use and we could watch from above what was done… Great moments :slight_smile:


That’s very good to know ! Thank you guys for the infos :+1:


(OT: @LyingDalai are you Belgian?)


It’s a beauty in every aspect.