Gear that is art


What does it do?


Looks like somebody pocketed it while they were being abducted! :alien::space_invader::upside_down::slight_smile:


Love the look of my Sitar. Cased up behind my synth shelf atm so can’t grab a pic…


Looks hard to play with Spidey gloves.


It’s a sequencer. I have to assume it was at least in part inspiration for the genoQs Octopus


To me this is art. I’m sure some will not agree, but that is the nature of art and art criticism


and this


To me this is also art


I got this off someone on eBay many years ago; looks incredible, sounds noisy in a fun way. It took me ages to realise that the main image is derived from a paperback edition of Philip K Dick’s A Scanner Darkly.


Tested out this beauty the other day, very nice! Wouldn’t risk snapping a joystick with a clumsy foot, desktop bound for sure.


Folktek Mescaline!



Beautiful to my eyes


Love the Shadow Hills range. Those ‘fiery eyes’ look so dark and menacing


Anyone who writes Organismic on the front panel deserves to be in this thread.


To me, the distillation process of the Octatrack to Digitakt to Model:Samples is art.


the dude who designs these is a very interesting dude


What? Geting drunk ? :thinking:


Monome stuff is pretty beaut.


I don’t remember why I posted that Pre-Raphaelite painting two years ago, so… sure!