Gear that is art


Real talk.


it’s a beaut


Almost makes me want to buy it. Again. Almost.






I still love looking at this. Such a fine piece of design.


Nice thread!

I built an electric barrel last spring for a friend who does horror soundtracks for a living (before this crazy thing I just built several acoustic and electric guitars and a few tube amps). This was so much fun!


That is so fuckin rad
Be proud


I love the utilitarian look of a Two Voice. The original’s aesthetics shade the new one for me, as does the white over the black.

The Polyend Seq is a lovely looking thing too. Sold one to buy the Octatrack, but it was great.


It’s funny how personal these things are but I’m fond of that particular color of gray to the point where I would be more liable to buy more products that matched it.


My car is pretty much exactly that colour, non-metallic grey with black wheels. :grinning:

I reckon I would be happy with that colour scheme on just about anything.




Nothing fancy, just a Škoda. It is a great colour though. (Pic is not my car, but same model/spec)


Any way we can listen to this electric barrel ? Nice work !!!



Some purchases where acquiring art and supporting artists was a main motivation…



I use the Deluge as my museum curator. :grinning:


@ML I have some crappy iPhone clips of it when I was testing it out, but they’re nothing special. I’ve heard some stuff the owner has done with it for a movie but it’s impossible to tell what’s what because the barrel is layered with tons of other tracks, apparently the norm for scary movies:).

Anyways, when the movie comes out I’ll post a link to the soundtrack!




This is always nice:


And this: