Gear that is art


That’s what’s neat about all being different!
If we all liked the same stuff life would be boring…


What is it?



Wait till you see mine.


This was the first machine that sprung to my mind when I read the thread title! You beat me to it with the post :blush: The Octopus is an Absolutely stunning piece of equipment, in all its finishes, even the nemo was beautiful I think.

I think the Tenori On is a beautiful looking piece of kit.


I personally have always liked the look of the Future Retro Revolution and Orb. I’m pretty sure they would not fit in my workflow though.



Very nicely done :slight_smile:


After watching late DT videos, I have to admit DT looks like the most beautiful :3lektron: machine so far.
Quite a piece of mancraft !


Does look nice but bit too ‘Qwerty’ imo :wink:


Is that a thing? Never heard this term before.

I agree with the sentiment though. The DT is definitely Elektron’s prettiest machine. :smiley:


pretty machines here. I should definitely look at all those unknown pieces of gear(t) !
I can’t wait to receive my Lyra 8, so inspiring tool :slight_smile:


i’ve forget the link :slight_smile:


As an electronic instrument, it looks great. Very nice design. I wish it sounded as good :neutral_face:

Edit: I guess it could be a good instrument to sample raw sounds from and then manipulate into something musical, but by itself, it’s not my thing. I do like their HC-TT, not as pretty though.


Seems I made it up…
Sounded right when I wrote it. Still does.
I ain’t no Britt so I can’t say I’m an expert but this word should exist IMO.
Way better than “craftsmanship”.



Latronic Notron


What a weird piece… Alien !! :alien:


Yeah super weird, especially considering they came out around '96/97


Ah, no worries :wink: I guess Elektron doesn’t have any women on their design team . . . I have no idea actually, as I ain’t no Brit either.