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yo guys keanu reeves announced the release date of cyberpunk 2077


Just saw that as well and finally got a release date! The setting , characters, etc… Look great

Making more progress on my MiSTer. Finally got my C64 and Amiga cores set up with all of my old disks converted and organized, as well as all of my favorite console cores. I played Supergrafx and Genesis games most of the weekend. The case is almost done. I’m just waiting for the top/bottom/side panels to show up this week. Right now the PCBs are just floating in the middle of the case.

IMG_1005 IMG_1007


This game is made from a modified version of the “Build Engine”, which was used to create Duke Nukem 3d, Shadow Warrior, and Blood back in the mid 90s. Looks like an awesome throwback style game. Also uses Tracker music. Oh nostalgia is hitting me now

A mate and I watched this last night and were both grinning at the end - looks amazing! No idea what platforms it’ll come to but if it hits Switch, I’ll be all over this one for sure.

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In the process of fixing up and selling on (almost) all my arcade games. It was my hobby before the electronic music bug bit hard. At one time had a room full of them - Asteroids, Defender, Robotron 2084, Sinistar, Millipede, Gravitar, Tempest, Star Wars…

It’s weird. Since turning 50 my video gaming urge has all but evaporated. Snapped up pretty much every console from the SNES onwards but the latest generation has left me cold. Still have a PS4 but, other than Destiny, Dark Souls and a few indie games, I’m just not playing anything. I could admire Last of Us and RDR2 but didn’t actually enjoy playing them. Getting old, I guess. :wink:


First time I held an XBOX controller I laughed. “Are you serious?” I asked my friend.

But then went on to spend many hours playing Medal of Honor, Oblivion, Skyrim and a few others. But I still remember that initial shock.

(I’m only 40, ha! :laughing:, but my heart is still with with SNES. It was perfect. The 3DS and PS Vita are also in Top 5 for me for the same game focused reasons. JRPGs FTW!).


Im stuck on Golf Club 2019, Rainbow 6 Siege and Apex :grimacing:

I played the shit of my DS and Vita, now happy Switch owner.
Also have a PS4, mostly a glorified media centre until the next FromSoftware game…

Rocket League all the way. RL esport is so much fun to watch.

Xbox has the best controllers IMO, second maybe to GameCube. The PS4 is the better choice this generation for various reasons, but the controller feels tiny in adult hands.

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PS4 all the way. I dunno why…I just like it.

OH YA…my x-box gave me the ring of death right outside warranty…BYE BYE x-box.
tossed it from my 5th floor window…was spectacular.

THAT! Is amaze balls! I have more to say, but not the time. Getting it. (I watched about 45 secs of the video; and I am IN!)

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If anybody here really love SNES or any old school systems (nes, genesis, neo geo) I can’t recommend enough the SNES Classic. It can be modded and you can load all types of roms / games onto it. Basically it’s a hardware emulator that easily connects to your tv. I purchased the 8bitdo wireless controllers and it’s super fun to sit on the couch and play. Currently playing Breath of Fire.

Remember, it’s not legal to load roms on this unit unless you physically own a copy. :wink:

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I had a Sega Megadrive when I was child, and gameboy. I remember the games very cool. But now, If I play it again, theres are so boring. Only nostalgic for thoses old school game, very few of them are still playable and interesting.

I agree on the controllers but the I found the first party games on Xbox1 completely uninspiring - all sequels of long-in-the-tooth franchises. A new FIFA or CoD does nothing for me. Sony earned my loyalty with Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls.

Anyone fancies being a guinea pig for the casual retro 1-finger shooter I’m working on, hit me up.
It’s a score attack, wave based shooter that you play with 1 button only, when you press the fire button, you switch direction, shooting is automatic and with each wave you get a bonus. Currently working on 2 players co-op.

Looks like this and I’m planning to release it on Pc/Mac and Switch.


I’m down for that, got nothing else to do today.

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SNES is one of the best systems ever made, I’d highly reccomend checking out a game called Chrono Trigger


Apex is so much fun with the right team :slight_smile:

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