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Any Civ heads in here? I’m weeks of hours deep.


Played Civ 2 back in the day, it was really fun. I never really played any of the other ones.


Haha, sorry I was meaning the magnavox barely qualified as a console; no disrespect to either. Without those pioneers we wouldn’t have what we have today.


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As someone who grew up playing games in a light like that and then got older, the market morphed into the microtransaction, bug infested, half-baked products that will always get “fixed” with a day one patch and be completed months later, it’s a blessing and a curse, the rare game thrives in it, most are laughable though.

The artistic element disappears in a market like that. Attention to detail, thought, everything suffers really. Back in the day if it was bugged, it was bugged. Rarely would you find a game that crashed due to programming flaws, or ones you couldn’t complete due to bugs, and the few that are known are well documented for it.

Ship now, fix later is the motto.

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What do I need as a live gigging musician?

I think people blow this out of proportion tbh

Most AAA games play just fine and most high class/popular indie games (undertale, hollow knight, stardew, etc.) also play just fine. Being able to update and fix things is a nice bonus

What do I need as a live gigging musician?
Gaming [spin-off topic]


Undertale is a perfect example IMO. I’ve purchased it twice. If I ever get a Switch I’d purchase it again.

AAA teams love to use smoke and mirrors to coverup lack of innovation, shite mechanics/gameplay loops/MTX, or masquerade previous promises they failed to deliver on. Anthem most recently, as a PS4 owner, I mean hard crashing the system? It’s just embarrassing. Then the fiasco with level/damage scaling in a looter shooter… It’s all just embarrassing, the quality compared to some indie devs. The desire to make art vs. money is apparent.

Even my favorite devs dropped the ball finally with Days Gone.



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Anyone with a PS4 and PS+, What Remains Of Edith Finch is free this month and very enjoyable, short to get through as well.


I used to play World of Warcraft. I still have fond memories of Wrath of the Lich King :blue_heart:


Probably their SICKEST trailer…


Found a sealed copy of bomberman for the nes at a thrift today! Crazy how they tried to sell him as a badass before the cartoon style


Crossy Road. Modern classic


Recently acquired:

I’m working on a case for it right now. Black anodized aluminum, custom front and rear IO panels, etc. It will use two USB Saturn controllers.


Nice! How was building it? Been thinking about one as a project… the Atari ST core sounds like fun times to me.


I just ordered the set put together from The guy that runs it is incredibly nice and helpful. Mine was up and running as soon as I pulled it out of the box, and put a few of my games on it.

I’ll be loading a bunch of Amiga stuff on it soon. I bought Amiga Forever a while back.

I’ve been following the ST core as well. I never had one, but I have a ton of demo disks for it I want to try out.


yeah the Demo Scene stuff would be fun to check out for sure… that early hacker art stuff is pretty great. I never had a chance to mess with the ST so it has been a curiosity for me. Also awesome they can run VGA out if you wanna go for a old computer monitor. Also would be a great way to mess with all the old trackers if you were so inclined.


I need to get all my C64 stuff together. My disk images are all over the place. They should be organized before I put them on the SD card.

I spent several days a couple years back copying all my floppies through a parallel cable. :smiley: Something I never want to do again. Hehehe


Anybody playing Darkwood? I was playing it in the middle of a sunny day and it scared the bejeezus out of me. Good stuff…


Thought this game Carrion looked great! Devolver Digital has got some great titles coming. The Devolver bootleg is pretty funny looking also. Hotline Milwaukee, haha