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Im SO bummed i sold that one :frowning:
That game was super fun!


‘Nuclear War’ for the Amiga 500 was the go-to game when friends came over in middle school.

You can play it here for free:

Tip: You have to scramble a jet or ready a missile first, then select a warhead, and then select a city to use it on. Also, there is a ‘smiley face’ diplomacy system used by clicking on the photo of your opponents.

Good luck!


I’ve been giving a run through, most fun I’ve had with a modern game in a long time.


Recently played and beat Horizon Zero Dawn and the Frozen Wilds. That was the most impressive and fun game I’ve played in a long time. Aside from minor bugs here and there, the game is beautiful and the gameplay is incredibly fast and fluid. The soundtrack is also pretty dope.

I’m also a huge fan of the choose your path games by Quantic Dream; Detroit: Become Human being my favorite so far.


Haha, that reminded me of this old pc game I played. And I mean old, it was on a monochrome monitor and I could barely get any games to run in it. (Leisure suit Larry in some weird mini screen pseudo emulation mode, was peak graphics for that machine.)

Anyhoo, game was mostly text based and static bitmap graphics which I remember were actually well done. It was a diplomacy game where u tried to gain power for your country as much as u could while avoiding nuclear war. Pretty well every minor conflict I was in lead to all out nuclear war sigh. Defcon 5 I think. It was called…?

Which reminds me of another game Numbanagas Ambition on the gameboy. Game was hard. Always lost. Until one time I actually took over all of Japan, BUT I could not win the game as I had made an alliance with some dinky little province right at the beginning of the game, and there was no way to break the truce and take them over to secure my rightful place as ultimate shogun emperor dude. Spent literally hours trying to break that truce. Dang! I actually might still have the cartridge for that one…


I used to sneak playing Leisure Suit Larry when I was a kid. Someone my family knew who was an adult brought it over once, I just remember the gigantic cartoon boobs on the cover and I knew I had to try it.

Ironically I spent most of the time playing the mini-games.


How about zork? Anyone remember that game? My dad brought it home and he had bought the ultra hard version, I could barely get out of the first room. Stupid game! :slight_smile: haha


1st adventure games I remember playing were hobbit , twin kingdom valley (1983) , I have Spider-Man on tape somewhere .
And graphic adventure creator was fun (1985)

Zork wasn’t so easy to find in uk on c64 , even then they were mostly disk and it took a while to save pocket money .

I remember going to Birmingham to buy uridium on tape , 1986! … around the time cd’s were first coming out.
Yes I’m old.


I lost my shit over Adventure and Venture on the Atari. I was so D&D at the time…and to have the first D&D video games come out blew my mind.

Adventure was so great. And the graphics in Venture were SO GOOD (back then)


I had the Intellivision version of Venture. Loved that game. Now I play the arcade version once in a while.


How about all the old Sierra games? Colonel’s Bequest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Kings Quest? Loved playing those back in the day. One game that I will still play to this day that is exceptionally fun and engaging is the original X-Com UFO Defense. You can run it on dosbox, it’s super fun.


I think I played the first console ever made, my grandparents had it. It was this giant ass tv that you had to take plastic sheets and static cling them to the front of the tv, these sheets were your map or level. Then you drove these square blocks around the screen and shot square bullets at other square blocks driving around, I think it was supposed to be a tank battle. I remember getting bored pretty quick with it, haha. Ahead of its time?


I still play Quest for Glory 1 and 2 every once in a while.


Loved those games. The third and fourth were fun too…


I liked the third and fourth as well. Haven’t played them in years though. I got the collection on GOG though recently, so I may give them a play when I get some time.

I also backed Hero U, (by the Coles who made the QFG games.). I haven’t had time to play it yet though.

I’ve been at the arcade games lately because I can play in short bursts. Putting together a MiSTer FPGA system right now as well to play my old game collection on.


Colleco Pong is the first “console” i believe.


ULTIMA l, ll, lll !


I’m more Ultima VI, VII, VIII, but yes, I love the series. Even Ascension (after applying all fan patches, and turning off the voice acting). :slight_smile:

I’ve wanted to go back to IV and V but… time…


But I swear the one I played was built into the tv itself, haha it wasn’t all that great. Pong definitely would rival it and it barely qualified itself as a console, haha.

Vic 20 my dad brought it home randomly one day, he never used it; but I got into it. Had a couple of games working on it, mostly I played Intra Scramble. Too bad he didn’t wait because the C64 came out shortly afterwards and had waaay more games for it. My friends would download tons of games from BBC boards.

(For the Vic20 I used to program games using the back of computer magazines, manually typing them in; took forever. Never got the machine code ones to work; almost impossible to debug!)


Hence the “quotes” :slight_smile: