Gaming [spin-off topic]


Dead Cells on the Switch was amazing, loved it to bits.
Currently about to finish Sundered: Edlritch Edition, another nice Metroidvania.


Im gonna agree with that plan. Getting physical games is better cuz you can take em in to Game Stop and get pretty good return on them…towards your next game. :wink:

I got a game im so done with…digi version…cant do anything with it. :frowning:


Both are among my favorites, and Axiom Verge. Sundered is absolutely beautiful.


im currently running a hacked switch with all the latest releases and then i am on my 20th year of Age of empire 2.


I’m patiently waiting for Last of Us 2 and Borderlands 3. Oh and also for RDR2 online to be worth playing…


Oh man! I remember playing age of empire so long ago!

Good stuff!


Metroidvania lovers should check out the Vanillaware games on Psvita and ps4, Dragon crown, Odin sphere and Muramasa. Not exactly metroidvania but absolutely beautiful.
Waiting for hawaii showdown, coming soon. Now playing Super blood hockey on Switch, great game.


Those 3 games are amazing, loved them to bits, especially Muramasa!

And we can’t keep talking about Metroidvanias without mentioning the best of them all, Castlevania Symphony Of The Night.
You can find a painting of Alucard in Dead Cells.


I’ll check some of them out… Dead Cells scratched that it for a while, I mainly game on PS4, MMOs on PC. Was so nice to have a game that barely had a menu/load time… Could pop on Dead Cells for as long as I had and be content, just drop it into rest mode if I had to leave.

I’ve seen HLD recommended quite a bit… I’ll have to check it out.

Another one of my favorite experiences from this gen is WipEout Collection in VR, the game is built for it, it’s so perfectly crafted for VR, great soundtrack with headphones, feels like you’re in a futuristic TR0N land because the FPS is rock solid and the graphics are very good for VR.


Symphony of the night is probably my favorite game of all. Got the ps1 disc lying in my drawer. I missed that game when it was released, play it years later and was amazed. Played all ds games and gba games after. Dawn of sorrow probably my favorite of those. Played dead cells too ofcourse, didnt know about that painting.
Should mention the wayforward games too, not all that good, but always decent
Lets hope the new Bloodstained ritual of the night is any good!


Wipeout VR is really amazing, Gran turismo too, except for the lower res. Polybius is the only game I can play prolonged without getting nausea, because of the high framerate probably,.
On ps4 I really liked Inside and I still play some kick off revival with a small group of players, played kick off a lot when I was young on the Amiga.


To each their own I suppose. Never been much of a critic but then again I’ve never paid for a game so awful I felt the need to pick it apart, at least since the end of the PS2 era where there was just so many.

Generally base my feelings on the awe they inspire. RDR2, “clunky” cliche over and over: I t’s the next gen sacrifice of realism vs. strictly being a game. I personally have never had a problem or thought anything or the sort from the moment I turned the game on. In a game that looks like, and is as vast, as RDR2, I’d rather Arthur move like Arthur than CJ from San Andreas. Final boss of Persona 5 and the overall story related to the human psyche and Jung is amazing, the game is like a mature Pokémon with an interesting twist. If you don’t like Pokémon I’d imagine one would have a difficult time with P5. Then there’s combination of lores in GoW, the World Serpent meeting with bass boost on my sub was on of the most memorable moments I’ve had playing a game.

Just my opinion, not really here to defend or win anyone over though. The games are religiously hailed and to disagree rampantly is to be an outlier, for anyone considering any of the games… except for the input->response in RDR2, the internet echo chamber does love that one. Even in 4K the input is perfectly fine. The animation begins as soon as the input is placed, just long, realistic animations.


Nice :smiley: Firewall is good; haven’t played in a month or two. Astro Bot is by far my favorite VR game, it’s what OG Mario was in its magnitude to me. Only VR game I’ve platinum’d. I think Resident Evil 7 comes in second. I beat that game before I had PSVR… when I got VR and learned the whole game was in VR I nearly shat myself before I even put the headset on :poop:

The only VR game that’s ever made me sick was Ace Combat 7 VR mode. But I had just eaten Chipotle after working out… took preworkout… hadn’t used VR in a few weeks… tried to do all missions back to back having beaten them all already. Bad choice.

I have very good VR legs, I wanted to be a pilot IRL. But holy shit, I was nauseas after AC7 until I went to bed. Excellent VR though, I wish there was a multiplayer dogfight mode.


Supraland is such a good puzzle/exploration game. I encourage everyone to check it out!

RPS review here:


If anybody here likes colony simulators, Rimworld is pretty awesome! I played it quite a few versions back and it was easy to get hooked.


I’ve never understood the “clunky” criticism of RDR2… easy and intuitive controls, IMO, which made way for so much freedom of interaction.
Such a great game with characters you care about…


All of that. Plus with Limited Run Games in the…er…game…you get really nice editions.


Running through Code Veronica, fun game! RE4 still my favourite. Took a month break, and now I’m like where was I???! :-/


The Nintendo version? That game WAS awesome.


RE4? Yah on the GameCube, so much fun! Still play it every so often. Code V I’m playing on the Dreamcast atm.