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So, should we get some kind of mu[quote=“phaelam, post:60, topic:75596”]
Icewind Dale

Damn those spiders were tough!


I am a big fan of Elder Scrolls since Morrowind…
And the first Witcher was an incredible experience !

Lately I had a great time playing Hyper Light Drifter, mostly because of Disasterpeace’s sound design.
I enjoyed Faster than Light and Into the Breach.

Portal was amazing, and The Return of the Obra-Dinn got me back into puzzle games : I’m currently playing the awesome Baba is You with my 10yo son and he’s so good at this !!!


If you’re into atmospheric, unsettling text adventures, try Stories Untold. Another Devolver published gem.


Remember these. It was so freakin’ cool!



My word! I lusted after a Vectrex for a year as a kid. Used to pester my mother and annoy the local computer shop!
Proper kid GAS.


That is tight!


Still have mine along with a multicart, great system.


The guy who did ‘Freeman’s Mind’ has just come out with a very interesting video decrying the ‘Games as a Service’ model.
Parts of it pertain to goods law.


I’ve dumped countless hours into Faster than Light! I still will play it on my old Athlon from 2008. Those indie games are good in the fact they don’t require a lot of power to run them. Into the Breach has been pretty great as well, it’s like chess with Kaiju. And also just finished Hyperlight Drifter. Great pixel artwork, soundtrack, and gameplay. I’m a sucker for anything pixel art.


Oh no way!
I wish i had kept mine.


Huge fan of devolver

Hotline Miami 1 and 2 were amazing.

I’m looking forward to playing their new release ‘katana zero’




It’s good! I started playing it a few days ago.


Thanks! I need to do some better cable management, but so far it’s been fun. I used to build dual stick setups, but these Tank Sticks from X-Arcade are actually cheaper than DIY, and use good components.


I’m making an iOS game that looks like this, inspired mostly by my ZX Spectrum memories


I played Icewund Dale with my RPG group, each one of us controlled a character and we would argue about the decisions and strategies together.
Needless to say we never got far.


Hyper Light Drifter is so good. Everything about it. One of only two games I’ve ever listened to the soundtrack outside of the game (Bloodborne is the other).

Just saw the trailer for their new game, looks dope.


HLD is one of my favorite games. It’s about time to play it again I think. Agreed on the new game. Looks nice!


Btw I forgot to mention Hollow Knight, a game that fascinated me for weeks :slight_smile:
Until only impossible bosses were what’s left, and I lost the will to finish it.
This time where I climb just because I can, and use crystal flight just because I can, and go through a hole and fly over the magnificent Blue Lake…
Incredible moment !

Solar Heart Kingdom looks amazing indeed, and I’m really glad to know that Disasterpeace is still designing sounds ! It’s just not the same trailer if you cut the sound, this guy is extremely talented.


Sequel to HK coming!

Bastion was nice but the developer’s other game Transistor is near perfect: wish it were twIce as long.

Resident Evil 4 coming to Switch! Though I personally am considering only buying physical copies of games in the future. Well see how long that lasts. #makeobjectsgreatagain