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I haven’t played the genre since Bloodborne… My backlog is too large otherwise I’d get it…

Persona 5 and God of War are probably my two favorite single player games of all time, except for Conker’s Bad Fur Day on N64.

As stated previously! They’re system sellers, along with Detroit and Spider-Man, just beat Spider-Man a few weeks ago finally.



Good game.

Too bad Quake died :frowning: i loved that game. And…was unbeatable :wink:


Yeah, loved it, got to NG+4 and close to platinum but finishing the skill tree was too grindy. Much simpler, smaller, easier and faster than bb/souls but still a very fun and beautiful game in its own right. Hopefully we’ll get some cool DLC because the concept is too good to abandon.


Has anyone tried The Witness.
Great game…if you like puzzles. Awesome enviros.


I have PSVR and it’s an excellent foray into VR… If you like puzzles it’s the best way to play them. Astro Bot will go down as a classic.

I mention this because I wish The Witness was for PSVR…


Dude…I loved Quake! My buddies and I had a Quake clan, “6 Feet Under”
Very fond memories of that game.

P.S. not much for fighting games, but Mortal Kombat 11 looks really fun!


The game corner of my music room:

Arcade TV rotates on the mount for vertical games…


Qdm17…so much fun!


It’s good fun, but just as any multiplayer, it’s best to play with friends on your team rather than randos.


Agreed. When my buddies and i are in…we di really well most of the time.
Q3 insta-gib…i was untouchable :wink:


I have a long history with video games, from the original Gameboy, over the first Playstation, the original Xbox. Played only PC games for a while (fallout 3). Then I finished the Witcher 3 and now all other games I tried since then feel really boring :frowning:


Gotta play God of War, it was more of a masterpiece to me than the three Witchers (I’ve played them since they were released). I agree though, I find it harder to waste time on games after TW3… quality over quantity especially with time constraints, TW3’s 100s of hours isn’t easy to pull off anymore. RDR2 has kept my interest for a while with that said, same with Monster Hunter: World and FFXIV. I try to play only one single player game at once and it’s hard to find time…

Right now it’s Devil May Cry 5 due to the short missions and frequent checkpoints lol. Before that I beat Rime which was a very good game, only 5-10 hours or so. I’m a Sony fan this gen but one game I miss that I think Sony would make a killer go at, is the Fable series… Those games were excellent and similar to The Witchers.

New Fable games would have me in an instant, also Halo being released on PC is going to be what everyone plays when it comes out


I have a long history as well. Combat on the 2600 was quite possibly my first.
Yay, I’m old! :slight_smile:


Decathlon, on a 12MHz 286. Never forgetting.

Nowadays, it’s been mostly reflex shooters like R6 Siege, and now nothing but Apex every time. Got to turn the brain off somehow.

Really looking forward to The Last of Us 2.


My first…colleco pong :frowning:
Time flies.


I started on the Bally Astrocade when I was about 3 years old. My parents had one, and my dad’s friend had one, so I played it quite a bit. The Space Invaders clone was fun, the Wizard of Wor clone was excellent, and Clowns was always fun too. We got a 2600 later, and then in 1983, the Commodore 64 which changed my life forever.


I was big on gaming in my earlier youth. I played through a lot of N64, PS1, and Xbox classics. Built a couple PCs and played Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, etc. Ever since the whole “Battle Royale” thing started I kind of fell out of touch.

I like Rocket League now. It’s a good game to play for 30 - 45 min in between other activities.

I’ll re-sparking the magic with VR, eventually. I’m waiting to learn more about Valve’s Index headset. I’ve also been meaning to buy the Switch too and try out some of its flagship games.


Black Knight pinball!





I used to werk with one of the main concept artists on Metroid. Andrew Jones.
We werked at Interplay. He came on board our project Icewind Dale.