FMR RNC or RNLA on master


The 1202 does not have direct outs so that trick does not apply.


That Daft Punk pump effect is a cheap arse alesis 3630 compressor…late 90s french house was rinsed with those harsh, brittle, noisey, hissy, black boxes…you could buy them brand new for $150 AUD…i bought 2…and wore out the pumping effect to the point where my brain hurt. Now i use them as noise gates and never compress anything through them…they destroy you signal…


The 4 channels with inserts also function as direct outs, yeah?


More precise please, I don’t get it.


Mackie 1202 has 4 insert channels that can use TRS Y cables to establish a channel return path so you can build a processing chain should you desire. However, use a bog standard 1/4" cable and it becomes a direct out since there won’t be a return path.


Give it a try. Should work then.

Small form factor Limiter for live use?

So, using Fmod to filter out the low end. Is that the Harrison Fmod? How does that work and how to set it up?


You only need one of these, yes?



Perfect - will try to find one ASAP!


where are you lacaoted, @dobermate
I have a spare.


RNC in normal mode adds a lot of character and color. The Super Nice Mode basically eliminates that.


a bit more expensive, but comes pre-made with XLR connections (still not ideal, of course… ):

Also, if dobermate doesn´t want your FMOD HPF, I might be interested - located in Germany.


Many thanks for the offering, really appreciate it, but I managed to find a pair on ebay that shipped to Sweden as well - very excited about trying this out :).

Discussions like this really makes you feel like stating the obvious about this forum being the hands down best forum I’ve ever been to - so helpful, including, warm and knowledgable! Please let’s keep it this way!



Hello everyone. Thanks so much for all the valuable information in this thread. I’ve been doing a lot of research on compressors & elektron boxes and wanted to share my findings for all future fmr rnc sidechain researchers.

I had a couple of requirements for the setup:

  • have the ability to create a pumping sidechain effect for my synthesizer basslines and pads
  • support my setup with analog four, rytm and octatrack
  • have the solution be portable enough to fit in a (big) shoulderbag

in the end I settled on getting the FMR RNC 1773 and setting it up in the following way:

first of all, be sure to check out the comprehensive video on this topic by slenterendebeer, they did an amazing job explaining a lot of the compressors details:

In my setup, I’m using the separate kick output from the rytm as a clean sidechain control signal, which makes the bassline and synth pads from the analogfour get ducked when the kick hits. This creates that signature bouncy dance music feel. Because the signal that gets ducked does not contain the kick/drums yet, I don’t run into any problems that require the (excellently executed and documented) FMOD highpass filters or eq solutions as described by fulano47 (, brucewayne (FMR RNC or RNLA on master) and the slenterendebeer video.

You can view and listen to this live setup in action at the following (exaggeratedly pumping) video snippet:

To complete the setup I am now investigating whether or not I want another compressor on the end of the master chain, but currently I’m ok with either the compression of the octatrack master bus or the analog rytm’s compressor at the end of the chain, if im not using the octatrack =)


Nice ducking in your vid.

So what happens say if the BT is used for like the lowend of a layered kick? It’s squashed too I’m assuming…


in this specific setup, the BT channel is not connected (its the unconnected dangling jack near the sidechain input). It would therefore not trigger the compressor through the sidechain input. This would mean the sound of the BT would just be added on top of the mix as if the compressor was not connected at all


And get squashed by the kick then right? Or seeing as how its at an even lower frequency would pass through?

Thanks for your answers. Been meaning to try this without the FMOD.


you can do side-chaining with the RNC 1773 my friend


Yes. But Im curious about what happens to the BT sound as its not being run through the sidechain input. Does it get compressed along with the rest of the mix or is it allowed through too?

I assume gets compressed but i wanted to check in case I misunderstood something.