FMR RNC or RNLA on master


The 1202 does not have direct outs so that trick does not apply.


That Daft Punk pump effect is a cheap arse alesis 3630 compressor…late 90s french house was rinsed with those harsh, brittle, noisey, hissy, black boxes…you could buy them brand new for $150 AUD…i bought 2…and wore out the pumping effect to the point where my brain hurt. Now i use them as noise gates and never compress anything through them…they destroy you signal…


The 4 channels with inserts also function as direct outs, yeah?


More precise please, I don’t get it.


Mackie 1202 has 4 insert channels that can use TRS Y cables to establish a channel return path so you can build a processing chain should you desire. However, use a bog standard 1/4" cable and it becomes a direct out since there won’t be a return path.


Give it a try. Should work then.