FMR RNC or RNLA on master


so, i’ve been trying to get my head around this for some time now. i read your article on gearsluts, where you described the use of a HPF as insert fx. do you eq the main outs, that go inside the mixer, or do you eq the sidechain signal, that goes into the sidechain input? wouldn’t it be possible to just filter the lows out of the sidechain signal (using the rytm’s filter) to achieve the latter?


How you gonna filter anything on the rytm without it also affecting your sounds?

But man, has it been great to finally read about the RNC/RNLA sidechain! I’ve read stuff about it for ages stating that it’s not a real sidechain input, and this has put me off from getting one (sidechain and/or wetdry is a must for me in 2bus compression). Will most likely buy an RNLA now

ps - feel free to get creative with the sidechain input! One tip I read from some book was to saturate/overdrive the sidechain, will give a totally different compression response :panda:


I use an inline High Pass Filter in the Side chain loop.

This is similar to the HPF mode in the Rytm’s compressor.
Not everyone is fortunate enough to own a Rytm though, so the RNC + HPF is a lower cost alternative.


thanks adamjay, i think i finally got it. as the RNC/RNLA has the sidechain out BEFORE the sidechain in, you can put a fx (like an eq) after the sidechain out, and route the signal from eq out back into the sidechain in. so thats what “sidechain loop” was all about :wink: i was so excited about this that i had to make a little explanation grafic :wink: hope i got it right.


very interesting read!

I’m using the RNC and haven’t used the Limiter yet, so I cant really compare about the sounds.

Since I dont use the single outs from my AR because I need the Master FX, I have routed 4 Channels (DB, LT, BT, SD) to an analog Mixer. The Master of the analog mixer goes into the Sidechaining Input of the RNC and I can do some adjustments with the Mixer EQ. Just using it to give my OT Master some pumping :slight_smile: works pretty good.


Hi guys,

jumping in on the band wagon here rather than start a new thread.

I am after the RNC or RNLA to stick at the end of my chain to give a bit of air to my elektrons, I’m not after a serious ‘pump’ and for the most part wont be using the sidechain live.

My question is: Can I just stick this at the end of the chain as in A4>OT>FMR or do I have to use it as a send from a mixer?



Send wouldn’t make much sense here because you want it to affect the whole signal, put it at the end of the chain!


I assume your compressor wants a line level signal. As that’s coming from the OT, you’re good to go with it at the end of the chain. I do that with my hardware compressor - it’s great.


Thanks guys! Just gotta decide which one now…

I did like the sound of the RNLA from a youtube vid but everyone seems to recommend the RNC for the end of chain function.


From what I know they’re very different in what they do: the RNLA coloring whereas the RNC is more transparent. Definitely try to check them both out with your own gear if you can.

OR buy both :grin:


ah the old ‘buy both’ tactic!.. I would but im lusting over a strymon blue sky too…

I’m trying to find somewhere in london that stocks them then I can at least take my OT and test them out. Otherwise it will bean order both and return one of them situation i think.

i like the idea if the colouring from the RNLA but so many reviews saying its not ‘bad’ colouring, just not he colouring they wanted…


I have the RNLA and have used it on the master outs of my chain (Octatrack -> RNLA). I haven’t been able to compare to the RNC but it works fine for this.

The RNLA seems to lift up the entire frequency spectrum a bit… it makes things slightly brighter yet rounds out the highest frequencies. It’s subtle but I like what it does enough to use it on most of my sounds (I usually use it on individual sounds before sampling into the OT).

There are probably (well, definitely) better things to use on a mix bus but I’ve had no regrets choosing the RNLA over the RNC, but then again I do enjoy its subtle coloring it provides.


Ah thats intereting to hear a bit more of a detailed description thanks. How does it affect the low end when used as a master?

I am on the whole after some subtle colouration so ithinj the rnla is probably the right direction.

Any other ideas for a similar product at this price range? Can’t quite justify spending any more at the moment…


Anyone considered a TK BC-1 ?


Just picked up an RNC. Great little guy. Might go ahead and get the RNLA, too.

Another question on the un/balanced debacle: I understand how the inputs work (via insert/send), but I’m curious if I might go ahead and use TRS on the outputs? It would require more wiring if I must use unbalanced cable on the outputs.


Not sure if you know this, if you use a trs from an insert, you dont need to hook up the output. The output signal goes back through the trs to the insert. Only recently did this. Its cool, you only need one trs cable (two for stereo) to hook up to your mixer.


Yeah I know but my system won’t work that way.

But no worries: spoke to FMR (nice people) and confirmed one could use TRS on the outs. Less cables, less mess.


Hey Adam, first of all thank you for all this great info as i was very confused about how SC works on 1773 as i’m interested to buy one for my rig. I have a Mackie1202 vlz4 and you’re right, mics channels have cut 75hz buttons. In this case you just connect stereo trs from RNC’s SC to mic trs on mackie and push the button ??? Thanks once again!


This thread is rather old, but the lack of official documentation on the side-chain function of the RNC maybe has folks still reading this thread (as I did). In any case, an observation on the RNC side-chain… I tried sending an identical signal into both inputs of the RNC with one channel inverted from the other channel. To my surprise, the compressor stopped compressing. The outputs had my original signals, but no compression was available. Maybe the compression path is using a summing amplifier? This might account for inverted input signals cancelling each other out in the compression detection circuit. This result is interesting, as it means that stereo phase matters when compressing with the RNC. Side-chain could be useful in managing this characteristic, such as feeding the dominant input channel into the side-chain.


Oh, look what the postman brought today :heart_eyes:
Seems to be the last available pair in the EU, took ages to find one.

Thx for the hint, @AdamJay