FMR RNC or RNLA on master


FMR RNC or RNLA on master after an Analog Rytm and an analog 4.

I produce dark techno.




Don’t know the RNLA but I have the RNC and it lives up to its name (it is very nice!) I mostly use the regular mode, though.

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Like you said, i read on other forum that RNC is really nice but RNLA have really more character.

I don’t know what is the best on the master in live act or at my home for jam ?

Do you have any advice, I have the RNC but it often somehow distorts when I use it.
I will say that compression is one thing I have never mastered.
Do you use it as a master bus comp, or drum bus comp, ect ?
ATM its collecting alot of dust.

I mostly use it on the master bus. I found it to give some nice “air” to the mix, something the software plugins I have didn’t really do so well. It also feels more snappy than software and works fine with drums.

It’s still a budget compressor, of course.

Had no distortion issues with mine so far.

I recently bought a RNLA. It sounds very good on my master bus. Out of my A&H MixWizard. Nice gentle colouring. But you have to find the sweet spots. I am looking for character rather than pumping. I want to keep it. But I’m gonna try selling it as I want to buy 2 PBC-6As. In an ideal world I’d keep both. And maybe even buy a RNC. Life can be tough. :thinking:

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RNLA works better for techno; the RNC is a great unit, but might sound a bit too transparent for you.

Definitely RNLA, not RNC, log release.

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That maybe explains why I have trouble using it.
Maybe time to ebay it then unless you could think of any other use for it, it has side chain input, but like you said, its not going to get me the Daft Punk pump ?

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That maybe explains why I have trouble using it.
Maybe time to ebay it then unless you could think of any other use for it, it has side chain input, but like you said, its not going to get me the Daft Punk pump ?[/quote]
The RNC was carefully designed to be as clean as possible without introducing any audible artefacts. You’d use it for very gently compression on a master bus, or to gently increase the overall level of a vocal or acoustic guitar recording without losing any of the subtleties of the original performance.
You can use the RNC to get strong, fast attack compression on drums when you set it to “normal” mode, but this would still be something that’s most useful for a live recording of someone playing an acoustic drum kit, or to make an older analogue drum machine sound “harder”.
If you want that pumping sound, the RNC really isn’t the right tool for the job, while the RNLA might very well be. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great info, I have used it once or twice for vocal and acc guitar recording and it was fantastic. Sounds like its time to sell/trade it then if I have no use for it. Dont know why I kept it for so long.
Sounds like the RNLA would suit me better.

my twopence:

RNLA for drums
RNC for mix bus or other stuff that needs a boost without colouring

RNC is absolutely acceptable for heavy compression of techno mix bus with an inline FMOD HPF in the TRS insert (send/receive) side chain.

All is explained here.


oh man - that’s a super tip. cheers! i love the diy nature of this :slight_smile:


That sure is an interesting approach!


The important thing to understand is there are two types of side chain inputs on compressors.

The RNC/RNLA use an FX loop type. The other type, for daft punk style squashing and rebounding is a “KEY” input type. You can get the “KEY” input if you follow FMR’s FAQ and not connect the “TIP” side of an insert cable.

I actually prefer the FX loop type, as you can get heavier gain reduction without artifacts when using an HPF like the FMOD, or an EQ with heavy cuts in the low end (A mono bass eq pedal also works, by the way). The big bass of dance music won’t trip up the compressor (which is a usual complaint on the RNC), and the result is not unlike an L2 or Ozone master limiter.

I use this live with the RNC, in Super Nice Mode and you can hear it doing its thing on the entire mix here:


I’d like to add that a nice trick with the RNC is to hook up a small equalizer (I have a 6band MXR) to the RNC side chain insert.
If you have a mixer with post-EQ direct outs, you can use that, too (e.g. certain Mackie mixers).

That makes it possible to get some nice pumping sounds out of the RNC and in general have quite a lot of control over the signal transients (i.e. which signal bands trigger the compressor).

It’s really a nice, inexpensive and versatile little compressor.

Since the AR already has its own compressor (chaining it with the RNC is fun, btw), and colorizes the sound a lot on its own, I’m quite happy with my RNC.

That’s not to say anything bad about the RNLA, I simply have not tried that one, yet.

EDIT: AdamJay: you were faster, sorry for duplicate info.


Don’t apologize at all!
The tip on using a mixer channel with post EQ direct out is a good one as well!

Especially, mono channels which (on Mackie and Yamaha mixers) usually have a HPF button at around 75hz for microphone handling noise rumble, plus the low shelf EQ.


Thanks a lot for all these informations!!

I think i will buy a RNLA to put on the master, maybe with a Pedal EQ with the side chain.


If you needed one more vote for the RNLA, that would be my vote for Techno of any kind. Having owned both (only the RNC currently) I have to the RNC is totally transparent, though as it says on the tin…really nice : )