FMR RNC or RNLA on master


From the diagram it looks like only the A4 is going through the compressor, Rytm is going straight to OT.


That’s exactly what’s happening. Only A4 is being compressed. A4 is doing bass and pads.


Bass and Bassdrums? fairly ok. i did not noticed very much pumping when i owned the RNC.
also i think, there would be not much left from the compression, if you use these recommended high pass filters. makes no sense to me


Could you please elaborate?


i’ll try to explain you with my bad english :wink: you can split the audio track that is going through the signal path of the RNC. you use a High Pass Filter in Ableton or any other DAW. then you route the EQ’d track from the DAW/Audio Interface to the Sidechain input of the RNC. viola! you could use this Method even with a Mixing console instead of a computer i think. no need for expensive FMOD filters. i did myself and it works great


Ah yes, understood. Thanks for clarifying. Different strokes for different folks.


it was a pleasure to help you^^