Favorite Headphones

I really mixed a lot with headphones (the DT 880 pro) because we had a small flat and I had my “studio” in our living room… I checked the tracks on monitors before finishing, but I have to say, most of the time I’m pretty satisfied with the headphone mix and don’t need to change too much. But I don’t claim to be a professional when it comes to mixing :slight_smile:

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Same here - was stuck in a small apartment while attending school. Admittedly, there were a few times where I wasn’t able to get into the main studio before class to double check/ refine decisions, but (on more than one occasion) I was singled out for having a solid mix, so they get 5 stars from me. :slight_smile:

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Did anybody test the ISK HD9999 Headphones?

Whats your impession of it?

amzingly expensive and - not available in Germany …
But thanks for the tip!

Headphones are very personal.
We all have different head/ear sizes.
I can agree on that :slight_smile:

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I’m using the MDR-7510 a lot, it’s pretty damn good. Slightly wider frequency range and flatter sound that the 7506. Both are very nice.

My semi-open headphone is a cheap one that performs remarkably well. Presonus HD7. I dare to say it performs as well as headphones that cost 5 times as much. The only thing you have to do is get some velour pads on them, I got AK240s on them.

Some people claim it a Superlux 681 but it sounds totally different. Though no doubt the HD7 is also made by Superlux. For 30 euro you can’t go wrong with it, and if you hate it you can give it to someone as a present.

Another happy DT-880 premium 250 ohm user, going on 5 years now, and sometimes wearing for six hours at a time. I just ordered a second pair here. The limited edition looks very nice:

Hi, are there any dt880 250ohm users using this directly from the octatrack outputs? How does it sound? I’m on the fence about these headphones but don’t want to spend another 150 € on a headphone amp.

I use aiaiai TM1 studio, Senheiser HD25, Beyer Dynamic DT440 (the old ones which are much better!) but by far the best I have are Ergo model 2, which are a newer version of Jecklin floats.

If someone has an EQ profile for Fabfilter Pro Q, that would be totally awesome :slight_smile:

The DT880 250ohm are Pro Audio Reference Headphones, they have a certain response and if you have the time to learn that response you will find that your signal chain becomes more important. Remember the Octatrack is a sampler, that is what goes in is what’s coming out. You colour your sound the way you want it.

I just choose the DT 990 and i am very happy of the flat response ! Good choice !

Edit : Finally … i dont like them because not enough bass

I have Shure SRH940’s.

Good: Very precise and detailed…

Bad: … except for the low end. Very light on the bass. I can’t mix my low end on these - I turn it up way too much - so looking for other ones. I know my Genelec monitors are better for mixing the low end but I’d like my headphones to not completely throw me off in that respect.

Also the headband becomes painful after a while (I’m bald, no hair cushioning).

Haha yeah… I guess that’s a solution. But these are already so large. With this I’m definitely not using them on the train anymore :wink:

I’ve got Sony MDR 7506. Sound wise good, but workmanship is shit. Not even 2 years old and the cushions are falling apart and that coiled cable is the most idiotic invention ever. Also it makes my ears burn after a while.

My son bought himself Bose Sound link 25 and they are fantastic. The cups fit your ears, confortable, the sound is fantastic and has a noise cancelling feature.
But the price is 2 x of Sony.

Another vote for the DT-880 Beyerdynamic, another thing I like about Beyerdynamic is they sell spares for the headphones so no need to chuck them out when the headband breaks or the earpads go all flat.

Beyerdynamic DT150 here. Same shape as the 100, which are the classic closed drummer cans you see in every studio, but with different drivers for flat response all the way down to the lows. I’ve compared them against the DT770 and the Audio Technica ATH-M50 and the DT150 was better than both. Only downside is they get a bit hot and sweaty after a couple of hours.

I went to the local gear store today and compared a dozen cans on demo there, looking for a closed-back replacement for my Shure 940’s which I find lacking in the low end, see my earlier post. There was Beyerdynamic, Shure, AKG and Sennheiser on display, but only a couple of each brand, not all models. Tested ones include Beyer DT 770M, 880, 990, Sennheiser HD 650, 380, 25, Shure SRH 940, 840, AKG K271, K182.

The only model I found surpassing the 940’s in overall sound quality is the Sennheiser HD650, but that’s open-back. Some had better low than the 940 but were terrible in other aspects. It’s astonishing how much difference there is between cans when you A/B them. I’d never buy a pair without testing and comparing.

Then I saw they had an Audio-Technica M40x boxed on a shelf and demo’d that one too. Fairly good overall with hyped low end. Given my experience with the 940 I’d rather have too much than too little low. I had the store order an ATH-M50x as it’s supposed to be a bit better balanced than the M40x. Hoping that will be my solution when it comes in store.

This made me curious as well. The links were dead but I found an archived version of the interview and will quote it here in case the archive gets removed. I guess I have to pick up a pair of 7510’s and re-listen Syro :sunglasses:

With Syro, some of it sounds best on cans as i made most of it with phonz which I love doing [sony 7510’s, tracks 6,7,8,9,11 to be precise], to be properly inside the music but is kinda shit/disjointed sounding then for listening on speakers/monitors coz ur not feeling it in your body when your making it, its just resonating ur ed
With the phoney7510’s, they do translate extremely well, they’re not the best pair of headphones for listening to music but to write/mix on, ive never heard anything as good as those yet, and I’ve heard a lot of em, not all but a lot, most, so mabe better ones out there.