Faulty PSU / socket - did anyone experience this?


did anyone here experience PSU-related issues with the octatrack? mine started acting weird yesterday: even the slightest touch to the power cable causes instant momentary power loss and the OT restarts. My guess is either the PSU plug is damaged or worse: the power socket on the OT became wobbly. anyone experience the latter? is it fixable or does it mean a trip to Sweden for my OT?

Power supplies do occasionally fail. It is also possible that the power socket on the OT has been damaged with use. There is no way to tell which it is without you trying to use another power supply and seeing whether the problem goes away.

A wobbly power socket is the kind of problem that any competent local technician would be able to fix, but it might have implications for any remaining warranty on your OT.


Same problem. I can’t reproduce the problem, I think it’s the socket.
I’d need to borrow my neighbour’s OT psu to eliminate that possibility but I’d like to find another way to know what is faulty. :sad:

for troubleshooting, I can’t imagine a better situation than having a neighbour who also owns an octatrack :stuck_out_tongue:


I think more likely the barrel of the psu - that was my experience and a new PSU soon proved it - it may be possible to hold the barrel in such a way that you can isolate movement in all but the cable to replicate

If you could find a spare (no longer required) PSU with a similar barrel and attach +/- appropriately on a temporary basis you could test that the OT socket is soldered up okay by gently wiggling only the new ‘temporary barrel’ - obviously that’s at your own risk if you know what you’re doing


I can test with 6V 1A, set the polarity, not sure 1A is enough…

mine used to do what the OP was suffering, i simply ditched the euro plug/barrel that came with the OT and put my own lead into the power pack.

issue gone

FWIW Elektron really should supply a plug per region as the barrels are awful and especially if attached to adaptors and just a liability IMO but whatever

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not sure about that either - but maybe booting into test mode with nothing hooked up isn’t demanding much in the way of amps - it can only bust the psu I suppose

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:scream: Oh my, not sezare’s Octatrack!
I’ll start burning things and chanting ancient OT revival hymns for you…

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Thanks both, plug/barrel is something like that?

@Open_Mike, you wanted to write something ?

Hmm, maybe that one was lost in translation? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I expressed concern for your OT not working, then made a joke about performing a ceremony for you as my way of helping… :grinning:

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Working well, stopping with little moves. Nothing lost, but not very reliable.

The replacement ? … so your OT socket is the problem, maybe a dry joint or something or perhaps the bore of the alternative PSU is too loose

maybe support can guide you to a better understanding of your options

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No, talking about the actual one. I’ll try with my neighbour’s one later.

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I have this problem on both OT and MD. Someone said on FB that it could be the little “flap” on the outside of the power socket is bent out too much but I don’t know how to safely bend it inward. That would make sense I guess because I plug in and out every time I use them.

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This is really common with board mounted jacks of all kinds, strain on the solder joints (which are the only thing holding the jack in place) eventually makes one of the solder joints crack. Should be a really easy fix, unless there was some kind of serious damage (like you accidentally tugged really hard sideways on the cord or something) the chances of actual damage are almost zero, you’ll just need to take a soldering iron and reflow the solder where the jack connects to the board. If you’ve never oldered at all practice a little, because it’s possible (but not likely) that you could lift a PCB trace or something if you leave the iron there for way to long and overheat it a lot, but as long as you’re careful and use a decent iron (so, like, a $20 entry level temperature controlled thing instead of the $10 kind from the local shop that plugs straight into the wall) you should be able to do it safely. If the OT weren’t so expensive I’d say just go for it even if you’ve never soldered before, it’s that easy, but with something you invested a lot in it’s better to be cautious.

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I’m grateful for this thread because it might actually prompt me to try to fix the same issue on my OT. Thankfully I never had a problem in a live setting, but anytime I’m moving stuff around in the studio and brush against the OT’s power cable it will shut off/restart.

I tried with my neighbour’s psu. Not turning off with moves. Something weird happened when I tried my psu on its OT, when I turned it on, mine turned off !? It did it twice, after nothing.

Back home same problems, turning off/on very often with slight moves, but I can’t replicate moving psu barrel. Opened OT, moved socket, couldn’t replicate.
Fucking pissing me off. Not in love with OT or any Elektron at all at the moment. No warranty of course. Shit. Bad karma, 2 cars out of order, problems with the borrowed car, minidisc brocken by my son, not receiving mails, can’t use my smartphone as a phone, broke a knife while eating normally, nothing works properly. I have to play lotery.

Interesting, I’ve never had a problem with my OT on its own, but the other day when I shared a power strip with a friend’s small Eurorack system that he uses for playing out (so really seriously, not big at all, maybe 7 monules) I had something similar happen - when he turned his on, all of my stuff (OT, Anushri, CZ101 and Tanzmaus - pretty minimal and nowhere turned off and vice versa. There was plenty of power available on the circuit (at most we were drawing around 300 watts between all of our equipment, a pair of monitors and the computer we record to) and we never did figure it out. Switching him to a different power strip on the same circuit solved it, so maybe we were just exceeding the limit of something in the powerstrip itself, although it didn’t trip the circuit breaker in it. Unplugging his Eurorack would make my stuff come back on. Weirder still, he has a slightly larger system in his home studio and we have plugged that in to the same shared power strip plenty of times with no issue.

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This is the worst part.

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