Power supply switching off when moving - yeah that problem

Hey - this is shitting me to tears. I know its a known problem but whats the fix? if the OT moves at all it powers down then back up - hold the cable into the OT at the back and you can do cartwheels and it stays in. So would electrical tape on the power bricks end? Bit hard when the elektron one doesnt fit properly!

Try cleaning the flat contact on the outside edge of the socket into which the power supply plugs. Cut a little strip of very fine sandpaper and use a toothpick to force that sandpaper against the contact, then move it back and forth a bit to remove the accumulated grunk.

Thanks but I dont think thats the problem as ive heard it happening to heaps of people - I was thinking of getting some thin white “plumbers” tape thats non conductive and wrap that around the male power end - so then it will sit snug in the hole of the OT pwr socket?

Hmm this is a well known issue. I should have put a support ticket in ages ago. Fixes?

Was having the same issue but found the answer at the end of this other thread.

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Me too! With this @Kovalsky’s post!
Faulty PSU / socket - did anyone experience this?