Erica Synths Techno System


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loved the friendly nod in the article towards the internet of stupid :laughing:

This should ensure a warm reception all around the globe — or across the plate, for you Flat-Earthers out there!


Hmm, I am one of those fools who think about selling most of his stuff to get this. Please, change my mind.


It’s a nice thing to have. You’d need maybe just one more synth to go with it and you could do a lot of different stuff with it. I played with the bass synth module today and was surprised at the nice range of sounds and crazy modulated stuff that came out of it as I thought it might be a one trick pony and just have an acid like sound. That wasn’t the case and I really like the sound of it.

I’ve changed about my setup (again!) and have the techno system, one synth and a looper matched up. Kept it minimal and focused so I can learn the techno system and get the best out of it without other distractions. :slight_smile:

Sell up and buy one :point_up:


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Do it :), you know you will do it anyway, hehehe :wink:


What did you use for drums before the techno system? And why three different mixers?


For percussion I had 2 Telemarks and 2 Nyborg 24’s sequenced by Oberkorns. So I was under using those synths. One of the Telemarks has just been a Hi-hat for the last 6 months!

I’d imagine Erica put in the 3 mixers firstly to showcase them as I expect the Techno System was made as a way to showcase and sell their modules. But they do have a genuine use and enable you to split how you send the sounds to an external mixer if you need to apply EQ etc. to an individual module/sound. If anything it needs more plus another link module so each voice can have an individual out. :slight_smile:


This is how I configured mine, I got to say the mbase is hard to match so had to put it in the same case, I also own the modulator and the bassline that I cant simply recommend enough, now down to the basics I must say IMH you could get a tr8s or a plane tr8 and still achive some of the sounds generated by the system now the modulation is where you can get really crazy and you can modify the sounds and simply make them shine the way the system was intended to be so yes it is expensive but worth it even getting a few of the modules on their own are worth it, the Toms are so fat and crunchy just like in the Nava, the hihats and the clap is also amazing the only module Im not 100 percent happy with is the cymbals, they seemed a bit overprocessed and saturated at times, and also I have a very hard time getting a decent ride out of the CY, now the kick is simply to flat on its own and I cant recommend a stand alone compressor for it to increase the dynamics on it or simply give it that little push, and lastly I think the mixers are a bit much for me, I used a unity intellijel for the toms and added the mutant rimshot since it seemed it was the only thing missing on it, any how I palyed 2 live shows with it and I must say its sounds wonderful in a loud sound system :slight_smile:


I’m on the pre-order list for a soma pulsar. really blown away by the demos so far. Depending on its final form I will decide which route I will go down. I am little bit afraid that both options night drag me in the eurocrack rabbit hole.


I was playing about with the Techno System and Modulating the percussion in various ways and decided to give the Bassline Module a run through a Polymath Filter so this is how it sounded :slight_smile: Just a bit of fun trying different things out :smile:


I’ll make this the last video I upload on this thread and any further ones I’ll put in the Sounds from the Shed thread as I can be “Productive” :smile: when it comes to videos and don’t want to annoy anyone :wink:

I played about with the drum Sequencer this morning (up early!) and am starting to really like it. It’s really fast and easy to program. In this video I put in a quick and simple pattern then messed about with the direction controls.

I’ve only really scratched the surface of what it can do so far bit it is a really fantastic module.

Excuse my attempt at Acid :smile: it’s not my Genre and just a mess about!!!

Used the Fusebox for the Bass sound and put together a quick percussion accompaniment with a bit of modulation and fx via the Techno System. It’s been great fun to use.

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So being an all in or nothing type I’m mulling over getting one of these to go with my other gear. Be nice for some of the darker stuff I do. Haven’t committed yet. need to think it over more :smile:


Yeah, this looks damn nice and tempting. Kind of wish they would do a separate instrument out of it with say 3 big valves and more compact design.


Thanks for sharing :)!!


Yeah that would be nice, maybe they’d be open to the suggestion?


Time for me to save some money…
Do you think when the sample drum module will be added it’s possible to add it to the “internal” sequencer bus afterwards? Or would it be better to wait until they sell it as complete system?


I emailed them about the Sample Drum, it should be released by the end of January. I assume it will be triggered from the sequencer by cv and gate out like the Bassline module. If there is a way to do it internally(may or may not be the case)then I’m sure it could be fitted retrospectively.

I’ve ordered another :smile: Was going to order a Drone System but am going to buy those modules separately and I wanted a few mixers a link out and another drum sequencer so grabbed another Techno System. I do operate on the spectrum though and am borderline insane :blush:


But in a lovely way. Really :slight_smile:

If you ever feel bored of too many techno systems I’ll be there to help you out


Is there any videos of people doing IDM drums on it? I’d be really interested in it if I could be hands on with fast glitchy drums in a euro context.


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