Erica Synths Techno System


What a lovely case for banging!

Do I need modular FX?

I was just listening this yesterday and wondering what a lovely creation this is :slight_smile:
Share your jams!


Great stuff! Unfortunately too expensive for me.


This is waaaayyy too sexy. Can’t say the same for its price though.



Can’t believe the sample module is extra/not included…


£3,750 ? Someone’s avin a giraffe? :joy::joy::joy:


So much cool but too expensive gear is being released.

Cant wait for my midlifecrisis to set in :upside_down_face:


It’s not finished yet.


I didn’t mean your particular set-up, I was just underlining that it’s called a system by Erica Synths yet the sample module isn’t included and adds quite a bit to the overall cost when factored in.
Seems just a little cheeky…

(Edit) I didn’t realise it was your box, thought it was just stock photo so apologies if you felt I was having a dig, well, I was but at ES! :crazy_face:


i love this system, i’m going to save $$$$$


Never mind. :slightly_smiling_face:


It sounds soooo good!

4.5k euros though… If I start saving today I might be able to afford one by the time Overbridge 3.0 comes out




Well I would certainly buy it again if I had to choose between Elektron and Erica.
But that’s very personal ofcourse.


Sounds great. But also, buying a TR-8S + DFAM + Analog Heat would save you ÂŁ2k to spend on a whole other modular system.


I can’t justify the price either (yet!), but that thing sounds incredible. Strikes me as totally worth the asking price for what it is


Combine this with the fusion drone system by Erica synths and your going to have body bags piling up in the venue.


yeah man if you go on their site and add all those modules to the cart separately then i think the techno system in one is a better deal?


But not not having the same direct hands-on control, fast patching possibilities, etc.
This is like a 909 on steroids.
Yes, a lot of money but sounding very good and built to last.


I didn’t calculate yet but I love this system as it is.
The modules are connected from the sequencer by flatcables for triggers and accents which aren’t included when bought seperately.
And sequencer has the black buttons intstead of the white.