Erica Synths Techno System


I’ve got room if your struggle to figure it out… it’s really no trouble at all…


Sorted for now. Plenty of modulation options, and i can use the Filters, lfo’s, sequencer, arp etc from the Polymaths and Fusebox, plus a load of optional lfo and cv etc from the 2 Oberkorns and Generator sequencers. So any number of ways to sync modulate and mangle :smile:

Might change things around again when I feel a bit better but am happy enough with that for now :slight_smile:


Well that just cranked the volume up on the jealousy to 12


You gonna eventually upgrade to drum sample module? I hope you get out of that cold so we can hear a demo. I got my Doc Martens and army jacket ready for the Davey P warehouse event.


Yeah I’ll definitely get the Drum Sample Module. Going to email them to make sure I get one as soon as they are ready.

Only had a quick play about so far. Sounds really good and only over driven if you want it to be. I knew that would be the case as how can you have so many mixers and not be in control of how the sound comes out???

Anyway first impressions are its really easy to get something going and the keypad feels nice. The modulation source module was fun to use in the short go I’ve had, and i got it synced up with the Polymath and sequencers pretty easily as well so all good there.

I’ll do a video and sound demo tomorrow.

I plan to make use of the link module and run a few of the percussion modules into their own mixer channel on the Qu32 so I can have further control over the end sound.

It is good though, total overkill for a few drum sounds but who cares :smile: Not me :smile:


All connected up, lot’s of wires but all in sync :slight_smile:

I’ve had another little play about with the drum sequencer. Really fast and easy to change pattern length to get variation in the percussion so all good there.

The modules themselves sound good, they can be like a 909 if that’s your thing or tweaked and modulated into what-ever takes your fancy with relative ease. Still like it, still think it’s overkill :slight_smile:


Total overkill. Like opening your post with a chainsaw. That’s why it’s so much fun!



Combined with that fantastic sequencer and the fx, you can do some properly mental stuff. I’ve seen
Kodek absolutely tear places down with that system.

Like this: he has some other modules but largely it’s the techno system

The distorted delay sound is the Fusionbox, of which there’s a preset (digital emulation) in the Dual FX module! I have both!


Looks nice, please share some music with us :)…


That boiler room :joy:


Congrats looks lovely. Really cant wait to hear it :+1:t3::call_me_hand:t3:




Ok I did this video, i used seperate outs for the cymbals and bass drum, put the snare and hats together and ran the hats through the fx for weirdness, then just played about with the Fusebox which I more or less just turned on a dialled a few notes into :smile: I will do more in depth and prepared stuff but did this quick one just to try it out.


It’s overkill but it sounds so good.


I love the tweakability of it. It’s straight forward to use and the Drum sequencer has some unique features and it’s so quick and easy to change pattern length etc. Definitely a good addition to the Shed :grinning:


sos reviewed some of the modules:


Could something like this setup be created using VCV rack?


Typical sos ‘review’. Pretty light on.
I could imagine not much more than info readily available on the Erica site


In this video the Techno System Drum sequencer is sending Cv and Gate to the Polymath plus modulating the Polymath filters and adding effects with the Dual FX Module. The Hats, Cymbals, Snare and Bass drum are being effected by various modulation sources. (Oberkorn, Generator, Polymath LFO etc)

Seems like it would be relatively easy to string a few patterns together to create a song. The guy on Sonic State made it sound like programming the Cv and gate was a bit tedious as you had to switch screen. You do this at the press of a button and it is fast and easy. He’s talking nonsense!!

Also its easy not to over drive the sound, just don’t select overdrive and don’t route it through the overdrive module!!! Who’d have thought that? :smile:

I cranked the percussion a bit in this one and drive the bassdrum with external cv :smile: