Erica Synths Techno System


Lol a bit insane. I needed another modular case, wanted more mixers and link module, definitely wanted another drum sequencer as it’s pretty amazing and the rest i will find a use for also. As I said before when I’m in I go all in :smile:


I think you’ll need four. At least. Really, think about it. You know it makes sense…


Quadraphonic drums


psychosomatic attic insAne :smile:

I was already in admiration of your Analogue Solutions symphony. Double techno systems tho, quite the additions to the setup.

I got a analogue solutions wristband for Christmas :slight_smile:


Nice wrist band! :smile:

Insane aside, it’s something I feel i can use as I only use sequencers, cv and gate and no midi so this is some extra firepower. Plus with the drum sequencers I can chain patterns to trigger as well as using the Generator sequencers so should be able to come up some more complex live stuff :slight_smile:


I think most people in this thread totally dig your decision.


Fucking hell man those are some deep pockets :open_mouth:
Enjoy it man :slight_smile:


Pete aka Mettapattern of local Machine Label is in Riga now and playing a set with the techno system at the Erica garage…


i imagine the level of complexity you could achiveve with two of these sequencers :blush:


They really are rich in features. Really user friendly too. Going to spend a few more days experimenting with the features then try and come up with something sequenced and played live. Really taken with the Erica system. :grinning:


Did you win the lottery recently? :wink:

I can pass my adress if you feel generous and order even more techno systems … Hehehe


I wish :grin:


If I had a techno system and had money laying around for another one you know what I’d do instead?

Build something I’ve never seen before…

A full Noise Engineering only rack in all black faceplates to accompany the techno system.

Do it Davy!!

Do it do it do it do it do it do it

Would be a match he made in hell!!

(Cos sitting on clouds strumming harps for eternity sounds kinda lame yeh?)


Ha Ha, I’ll check that stuff out later :slight_smile:


Did this one as a one take all sounds and FX from the Techno System no other synths used this time :slight_smile:


Really great sound! One can hear the fun you have :).
Keep on exploring. Looks like it was a good decision to order the second one.


So much talent in thes thread I fell as if my system is a waste, creating loopy nonsensical noises that I only seem to comprehend lol but seriusly guys I freaking love eurorack It fits my short spam of attention personality but the point is… see… I love how people are not bound by a label like “techno system” And are making amzing sound with it :slight_smile: keep it up guys :slight_smile:


For sure the “Techno System” is just a name, what you have is a load of great modules to create whatever your imagination comes up with. No limits!!! :smile:


lest we forget the Digitakt: “drum computer” :smile:


Dood I love the digitakt but for as much I want to keep one I cant, lol I sold my 3rd one 3 months ago lol