Erica Synths Techno System


I’ll make a video of it showing the standard sounds and then tweak them to clam down the overdrive that Sonic State mention, as I don’t get why they can’t just bypass it??? using just the Techno System. Then I’ll introduce some of my sequencers, filters and modulation sources to show how I plan to use it.

I’ll do it in a musical sense, no bleep bloops or fart noises :smile:

I think it has just been given a poor choice of name as it looks to be an infinitely flexible system and so should not really be shoehorned into one Genre.


Huh? It’s a hipster version of Scooter.


I love techno - grew up playing, listening, dancing with it. This set happened to make my ears bleed - maybe am just getting old.

To me it sounds more like the singer should be in a death metal band :joy: and I dont find it musical in any sense… but - if you like it bro, :metal: rock on :metal:


That Empire Line Boiler Room is great. It’s more akin to a visceral punk hardcore show than any techno act though. It sure emphasises your -slightly retrograde- point that techno is only distorted 4/4 these days. Techno is so vast, there is so much good stuff around; if you don’t like this particular niche go check any other ! Some favourite boiler room of mine are Rrose, Shifted and Karenn.

Then again I don’t really see what this has to do with the techno system ? Saying that this particular set of module can only lead to Empire Line like techno is like saying that you can only do Phuture with a 303.


But that was the best use of a 303 :wink:


Ahah yeah, to each his own, I much prefer the more cosmic use of it by the likes of Luke Slater or TM404.


Sorry, but I don’t see any bit of punk/hc only because some face tattooed bloke is screaming nonsense over distorted drums and atonal Synth arpeggios.
It is more in the “let’s move to Berlin and jump on the ‘wannabe industrial’ train”.
It’s just dull as dull can get imo. Sorry again, just my thoughts.


sounds awesome :joy:


It might be more interesting and maybe also a bit more on-topic to share music you actually like that could have been made with the help of this system.

Also, you don’t have to like all techno to like techno.


That Boiler Room Video is gruesome. I grew up with the sound of the early 90s and that is at least my understanding of techno… Väth, Dag, Plastikman, Cosmic Baby, Steve Mason, just to name a few…

Oh gosh, maybe I am really getting old … :wink:


I never said that.

I watched this via the erica synth website showcasing the set and thought it was a very poor example that didnt really comvince me it can deviate from the sounds in every other youtube demo… an overdriven sound… and okayish bass.

On the side I definitely thought the music was crap.


Looooool :rofl:


In case you meant me. I have no problem with any genre as long as the artist doesn’t come along that pretentious, gimmicky and dull like that techno boy band. Seems like they trying hard to be the techno version of Death Grips.

I know that I sound like an old grumpy dude which is out of touch with the young ones (I’m not, seriously) but I come from an era where the music itself was the highlight and not the guy in front who played it.

Apart from a few DJ’s I really admire (Steve Bicknell, Claude Young, Steve Stoll, Neil Landstrumm springs to mind) I never cared who played the night as long as the music was good when stumbling down Tresor basement, wasted as f… :slight_smile:

And that Erica Techno System sounds like I’m tweaking my Rytm after 6 pints of lager.



I like it, reminds me a bit of atari teenage riot


Just arrived :slight_smile:
Haven’t set it up yet, I’m feeling a bit crappy with a cold so will probably just give it a short blast to see how it sounds :slight_smile:


That sequencer :heart_eyes:


Did it come in that case or did you put the modules in out of individual boxes?

So jealous by the way


No it comes in a the case, has a lid, handle, etc. Deciding where to put it at the moment so still no sounds yet :slight_smile:


Treadstone is chilling there like a boss