Erica Synths Techno System


To make Techno with something naming itself “Techno” is hilarious to me. Doesn’t mean it is not useful but I always cringe when I read/hear something like that.


When I first saw this thing, I was like “meh”.

But then I stumbled across some videos, and wow, the trigger sequencer seems really powerful. It can do conditional trigs (A:B and percentage), microtiming, different scale / length / direction / shuffle per track or globally, its basically an Elektron-sequencer without the Parameter Locks plus scale per track.

Then it is confirmed that the Sample Drum Module will be included. This should be the missing link to have the kind of perc-sounds at your hand that the other modules won’t deliver. It’s all internally patched, you just have to route the audio, very much looking forward to the dual fx module and how it sounds…

I know that this all must sound like I am trying to justifiy this purchase and well, tbh i do. And I really hope this beast delivers, but it sure makes me believe it will, otherwise I wouldn’t have ordered :slight_smile:

There is one thing I am really curious of, though, and that is the distortion / overall gain on the outputs. As mentionned in the sonic state review and also most of the time this guy Kodek is laying his hands on this, it sounds very very aggressive. Well, I will see :slight_smile:

Sure, you could easily order a Rytm Mk2 (which I have) plus a bunch of synths (which I have) plus some effect pedals (which I have) plus some more gear, but then all this hardware would be standing at my desk again, waiting to be programmed, waiting to be sequenced individually, waiting to be pattern chained when trying to make a track from start to finish, waiting to have me decide which gear will be used for which sound, … I have a powerful DAW for that.

But hey, worst thing that can happen is that you guys will get a first hand review why it’s not for me and the opportunity to buy a 2nd hand erica synths techno system here in the forums :smiley:


I think if Roland or Pioneer or someone like that called something the techno system it would be very cringeworthy indeed. Erica however come from a place of making some fairly nasty sounding gear so in this instance I think it is fitting.


Be strong, it will be loads of fun. My delivery date is now Monday so no update tonight. Ah well😢


Kodek made an awesome set with the new drum sequencer and Erica system in Superbooth 2017, starting with techno and ending with dub. That was way over the head of everything I’ve seen later. There probably is recording of this in Superbooth Vimeo


I’ll look that up now thanks. I’m having a relaxing evening watching Youtube videos of the system in action. Though I plan to use it in a totally different way. It is modular after all. It’s like a big piece of play dough that you can shape into whatever you want. :grinning:


Really good system. My own gripe is i’d like some expansion space. Its screaming for noise engineering modules. I guess you could sample them mind!


You could always change some over… a friend of mine went through the list of modules to build his own stripped down version. He said there’s like 4 mixer modules in there…


How much money do you supposedly save buying the system over the separate modules?


The list of the modules is on


I really like the sound of the bass synth. I can see the appeal to having all those drum modules, but all that space to do 909 and a bass line? Definitely a luxury item!


When I started with FL something like a digitone for 600$ didn’t exist. Investing in a particular sound is amazing.


My current percussion set up is 2 Telemarks and 2 Nyborg 24s sequenced by 4 Oberkorns so techically (technocally :grinning:) this is a less expensive way to do the percussion. :crazy_face::crazy_face:

Anyway to me this will be a small part of the whole. Another option for percussion and modulation. I don’t understand comments re the sound being limited as because it is modular I would say the opposite that the sound can be what ever you can want and limited only by your imagination.

Rather than talk a good one I’ll put my words into practice next week and show what I mean :grinning:


It would be great to see a nice demo that diversifies away from some of the really monotonous 4 to the floor distorted/overdriven sounds this box makes.

I forced myself to watch more than 20’ of the 1hr set at Boiler Room by “techno” boy band “The Empire Line” and it was just too painful.

Perhaps my opinion is skewed as I dont like that genre at all (trying to make musical sense of a guy without his shirt on screaming death into a microphone is not my cup of tea but appreciate maybe for others its a work of art).

Any cool demos showing anything BUT distorted drums banging would be appreciated.

Would love to see it in a more dub tech, ambient context!

PS - I am dying to love it… :heart:


Dear God. What has techno become to… I’m confused…


Doesn’t sound too different to hardbeat stuff from the late 80s and 90s onwards.


Here is the intro for the demo with what later becomes the techno system. Unfortunately I’m not able to find the demo performance.


This is one of my favorite Boiler Room. Those guys surely got something original.


Sorry if everyone’s already seen this but this video and the modulator one really got my gassing for this system again…

Watch out for this next one, it starts straight with a gabba kick :smiley:


Indeed, that sound hasn’t aged well in my opinion but what was once old becomes new again I guess, in a way it has a lot of the aesthetics of punk, so let the kids have their fun, and know that one day these same folk may be alienated by whatever future generations come up with :rofl: