Erica Synths Techno System


Nice system. You got to love the build quality of Erica modules, well done.


So true.


I think in cases like this you are buying the interface as much as the capabilities/sound, all that hardware soon mounts up in cost, the argument that x can do all this and more is a bit of a moot point - because no matter what you will be steered in a certain direction with a certain interface/instrument, limitations and design decisions ensure that.

It’s not for me, but I can certainly see the appeal, if I were to require something similar I’d build it myself either from off the shelf modules or custom stuff, but I’m glad that companies like erica synths are around making such “ostentatious” extravagant creations, also their little pico system looks like fun too.


yeah, shout out to all the good ppl in this thread dissing this instrument with the argument that their behringer impact is ‘almost as good’ and will cost only $9.99 or whatever. Keep on telling yourself whatever you need to go trough your life I guess.


who said that? Can’t find the post


no one said that.


Meanwhile 30 years in the future Behringer’s son ‘MiniBe’ is posting on neuromedia platform “MindSpace” teasing a clone of the classic Erica Synths Techno System - the Behringer “TeKn0sys” yours for 0.00000000000000000000000299 Bitcoin, it has kinetic patch cords which work like the fasteners on Marty McFly’s Nike trainers and self retract when patched (although he fiercely denies the influence) it also has lazer beams fitted which allow you to ‘“be the rave” :joy:


I may have just hit the buy button on this today.

Arrives tomorrow :smile:

Providing I can sneak it in to the house safely I’ll report my findings tomorrow night some time :smile:

Going to use it along with the other Cv Gear so will have a load of sound creation options. Not sure about the bass synth in it yet though, i’ll try it out but it might sound puny compared to the other beastly syths I have :slight_smile:

And it will be turned into a Sounds from the Shed Synth Pop come Atmospheric dark music machine, no Techno in the Shed!!! :smile: Not that there is anything wrong with techno, i’m just an 80’s kid and roll different :slight_smile:

I bought it instead of the Digitakt I wanted something to do percussion to free up my Telemarks and Nyborgs so I thought, I’ll get a Digitakt, but I really like Analogue sound and couldn’t get away from the digital thing, silly me, so I paid a lot more than was wise, but I make use of my synths every day and take a lot of joy out of them so went with my gut feeling :slight_smile:


The no nonsense, simple to use, and feature rich (for their hp) module designs of the techno system inspired me to create this two voice system to go with my Digitakt on drum duties and providing midi. I can process DT through the drive, fx and polivoks filter too.

Frankly I think the price of the techno system is excellent.


How did you source the Polivoks? (J.E.A.L.O.U.S) :smile:


The Pico VCF1 is a polivoks filter. As is the one in the Bassline module.


Nice one!, looks so good and no doubt sounds amazing :slight_smile:


I also pulled the trigger today, should be arriving in mid january. 4.2k is a pile of Money.

went through years of trying out stuff (also thanks to a couple of guys here) trying to find my style, tried to find a hardware-only setup for making full tracks as well as jamming out live (including all the Elektron boxes), but learned that wanting both from one setup is always just a compromise. making tracks is hardly reproducable, jamming out live needs preparation.

now i got rid of most of my Hardware and invested in a high Performance Laptop and Ableton for making full tracks and i am so much looking forward to the reincarnation of my first hardware live setup (a tanzbär and an A4 mk1), being the erica synths techno system and the A4 mk2.

would be very nice to hear some “got it and love it”-words. if it sucks, well… Not my first downer, but definitely the most expensive one :grin:

but i can double up what @DavyP said: i use my gear every single day, i am so much in love with it being a big and important part of my life now, so i am in fact comfortable with spending that money on this beast.

we’ll see how this one turns out :grinning:

well, this post turned out to be longer than expected :zipper_mouth_face:

cheers fellow nauts.


I would almost kill for this thing but then when you consider for the price you could buy a elektron mark 1 dark trinity, plus maybe even 2 Avalon basslines… I think most here would agree you could get a lot more sound out of those than the Erica techno system.

But if I had the money…


Waste of money imo
Drums in euro has never made sense to me
Too expensive and too much stuffing around with generally mediocre results


I think it great to have a groove box with everything layed out in front of you. So this box looks very cool with so much hands on control and wiring possiblities no others drum computer is capable of unless you use additional midi controllers.


I think this looks like a lot of fun and if you’re a live techno act then it’s probably just what the doctor ordered. Bit rich for my blood but I can see the appeal if you like a 100% “one knob for one function” workflow. I recently got my DT to get hands-on and leave my computer and I guess this is taking that idea to it’s natural conclusion if you’re into noisy techno.

All that said, it seems to me that you could replicate the sound for a lot less money with a small handful of other boxes but then you’d lose the inherent flexibility of modular. Each to their own.


I love the look and it sounds pretty decent. I must admit I GAS’d a little when it launched (and was close to pulling the trigger) but then remembered some of its inherent shortcomings by virtue of modular design:

  1. Cost is quite high for such narrow palette of sounds - it is a drum machine after all.
  2. No sample module included
  3. No presets… this is a biggie for me. Its cool if you like to jam out and I love the one knob per function which reminded me of the Vermona DRM-1 (which i loved). But it us a serious PITA if you want to have any form of basic instant recall. I guess the sequencer and sample module (when released) would take care of this.
  4. Size & clutter matters even though they are normaled internally.

Having said that, I absolutely love the dual mixer, compressors, effects routing etc and the sequencer seems quite flexible.

So - I took a deep breath and paused to reflect as I switched on the AlphaBase/Tanzbar and Cirklon combo.

And… within 20 seconds of hitting play on the Cirklon, the GAS was gone… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::eyes::joy:


I think it depends on what you’re after. For IDM type stuff à la Devine it can deliver many possiblities, especially regarding sequencing, clocking, triggering events etc. But still extremely expensive, since software would be even better at that.
For straight techno drums, I’m also doubting if Eurorack is the way to go


I think it’s the best thing that came out in 2018 … A bit pricey but I wish I had the money