Erica Synths Techno System


I think its priced fine for what it is. Looks incredible, esp that sequencer: like one’s hacking bodies to dance.


I´m not impressed, everything i´ve heard from this system so far has sounded boring. I´m sure there are more angles to it but i need to hear more examples of it being used in a flexible way.
The drum sequencer are great though.


Hopefully someone does a sample pack from it LOL…



Or maybe Uli Behringer could clone the Techno System and offer it to us for $599 :rofl:


And then discount it by 30% 2 months after release…




Our only hope lol


That’s true it does & for the record I think Erica Synths stuff is brilliant.
However … just to play devil’s advocate for a minute, I can genuinely get that exact same sound & vibe going with my TR-8S, DFAM, TB-03 + SPACE pedal combo - seriously. Total outlay - about £1.7K ?


I like a lot of the sounds I’m hearing but IMO that kick, while characterful, is weak. Maybe layered with a Mbase or something it could punch through enough.


I think it sounds tremendous and I would love to be able to splash the cash on this…


I disagree, maybe sound alike but not as much hands on control.
I own the TR8S also and like it for what it does but it’s not coming close to this with direct control and wide set up of knobs etc.
But it’s also a price point, you get what you pay for.


Don’t worry it bangs!
And with the built in compression on the mixers it really stands out.
A clean 909 kick isn’t great either without compression.



This is so very impressive but unless you are some rich kid with tons of cash then this is just silly money man.
Good luck to anyone who can afford this tho :+1:


Don’t know. Can this really do more than an AR? Does it sound much better. Looks fun, but it really is a lot of space and money


But does it do LoFi?


I was dying for this system until I saw the Sonic State review, the sound palette is just to narrow imo and the sequencer too basic… I’m sorry to say it’s a waste of space and money.

Edit: I was so wrong, I’ve seen now how you can modulate the sounds and twist them into something else… Man now I’m wanting it again badly… :roll_eyes:


Don’t have the full system; just the sequencer, bass drum, hi hats D and cymbals supplemented by various other drum modules and a DFAM. I sold my DT to have a drum machine inside the modular. At least for me it made sense. I’m much more creative this way. I felt like the DT made me lazy, was always using the same samples etc… The sequencer is certainly no slouch compared to the one in the DT and is being updated every two weeks or so; very good work by Erica. The modules I have sound massive, the BD sounds huge processed (like you would process any drum machine sounds - it still bangs on its own don’t fret); the hats cut through a mix like crazy and the cymbals are quite versatile. The mixer is great too, the compression sounds superb.

I won’t get the full system; but to me this is priced accurately, like most “pre-made” systems (see make noise, verbos, ACL etc…). They all have their own bias; this one is certainly aimed at percussive/techno stuff; yet I’m sure there’s more to it.

Don’t really get people dissing on this… If you think you’re better off with a TR8s, get one, but saying it’s a waste of space & money is a bit narrow minded. Who cares ? Let people have their fun. Modular is expensive, no way around it. It also offers possibilities nothing else offers.


Yes I agree. All the photos on their site feature the sample drum, it’s really cheeky to not include it. In Australian $ it is close to $6,000 :open_mouth: Sequencer looks ace though and it sounds so nice!


don’t get me wrong - I think this is brilliant, but I do think it’s a hell of a lot of ££ for what it would practically give you,results-wise, in terms of both recording & performing live.

No mistake : if I had 3.5k sitting around doing nothing I would be absolutely all over it.

Annoyingly I do have a bit of credit with Erica : they failed to sort me out a Fusion Drone system & after about 9 months of waiting I cancelled my order - Girts was kind enough to say he’d throw in some discount on anything on the future & this new System was sorely tempting for a few minutes, but I just can’t really justify it. I’d probably just spend £3k on a mint OG TR909 ( yes I know you’re getting substantially more in other ways with this Erica system, but I think the point still stands ).