Erica Synths Techno System


Noise Engineering modules though…


yeah, they sound great I admit. Just an expensive route, while Rytm and MD are really powerful packages as well


I agree… a TR8S got me covered for drums (complete with mixing, sequencing, effects, jammin-friendly interface) while costing less than 2 basimilus… but still I like to trigger some of my modules with the TR :slight_smile:


Yes, it is somewhat expensive, but i don’t want to open up that discussion again :smiley:

I cannot stress enough that you guys need to take a test ride if you get the chance to do so.

It really kicks my rytms ass in terms of tweakability. and that is (for me) one of the most important things in techno… constant changes over time with all the parameters. twist and turn those knobs. always. it’s like having alle the param pages of all tracks layed out in front of you. well, at least the important parameters.

I mean, I do love the performance mode on the Rytm, i just don’t like the fact that it doesn’t stay there where i want it to (besides, you have to think of parameter changes in advance and can’t really go with the flow).

and it really sounds just huge and beautiful, if you want to, it also can sound harsh and destroying. FX are really well thought out. Drive module isn’t as harsh sounding as the youtube-vids are suggesting.

But as I said, this is my first impression and I think I have to say all of this to justifiy this acquisition. Lets see how this turns out when honeymoon is over, but right now, I would rate 10/10, definitely buy again :smiley:


Yeah, I know (kind of) but I read somewhere that sometimes it works without it. And the output of my Lyra is pretty hot. So I just thought about it going into the techno system to make use of the systems compressor. Or is this a stupid idea?


Seriously admire the cahones of people who can spend so much money on gear. I get terrible feelings of ‘oh my god what have I done’ when I’m buying a guitar effect pedal - so I can’t imagine the psychological conflicts that would occur if I got into this Techno System. :slight_smile:
But money aside (and yeah people spend 50K on stupid cars) I think I can get close to the output of most modular drum systems by sampling fx’ing and sequencing. Obviously the spontaneity and immediate performance side isn’t there with sampling and sound design, so there is that, but once I’ve got sweetness into my OT I can get lost.
And l like that people buy expensive systems because it keeps the manufacturers in business - and also I like that using different techniques and a slower less spontaneous workflow I can get close. Very democratic.


I’ll be a bit off-topic here, but making music these days is probably not the most costly hobby (yes, even taking account of modular stuff).


It’s not stupid and it may work or may not, depending the mixer design, especially the VCAs.


After my gear clear out I did a bit of shopping. I was originally going to buy the Drone system but decided to do it different and build my own Drone System on Steroids.

For the sake of uniformity(a bit anal but who cares :smile: ) I’ve ordered the travel case the Techno system comes in as my skiff. I’ve ordered the Fusion VCO, VCF, Mixer, Delay/Flanger, VCA and Ring Modulater to begin with. Skint now but the skiff doesnt arrive for a week or 2 so I’ll add the modules i need to have a fully working self contained unit before then. After that I’ll add any bells and whistles over time.

The plan is to have a drone system plus an fx unit for processing the percussion etc from the techno systems. Going the DIY routes the best way to achieve this :slight_smile:


Just got this one finished. I think it shows the versatility of the Techno system and that it’s mainly down to what you dream up and it can pretty much do it. Loads of fun and really suprising what the Bassline module can do given that it’s a one vco synth.

As usual I didn’t spare the wires and patched the shit out of it :smile:


Do the new modules need a special case or power requirements to start without blowing the tubes? Just something to be wary of. I think they might of solved the problem , but just in case! :slight_smile:


To be honest, I’m not sure whether to wait for the sample drum module or put another bassline in there instead. Or a graphic vco plus vcf. (won’t fit in there)
I’m spoiled by Elektrons octa and a potential modular victim.
I don’t see anything super special with the sample drum. It is just a 2 channel playback device with start /stop//loop modulation, isn’t it? Or am I missing something. It’s has no filter/fx nor recording functionality?


The case has 0,5A@+5V connectors for 6 Fusion Modules :slight_smile:


Not even a crossfader?? :wink: :slight_smile:


It has 16 Banks of 16 Patterns to store songs, 16 Drum Triggers, 1 CV and Gate channel for a synth, 2 Lfos for modulation, which can be configured in the Drum Sequencer, Song Mode and yes it saves. Also has P lock, microtiming, probability, shuffle, etc. Its a really good sequencer :slight_smile:

No cross fader hah ha

Ah misread - sample drum not drum sequncer lol


I was not clear. I mean the sample drum module by erica that is to be released has no special functionality.
The sequencer does everything I need :slight_smile:


So why wait…


Exactly - go for it!!! :smile:


pulled the trigger on the lyra 8 today.
preordered the sample drum.

didn’t think so but (for me) there’s (currently) no need for additional zaps, boings, shakers and what not.

having the bassline for… well, basslines, the lyra 8 for atmos and the sample drum for the occasional stabs should be sufficient to get you through the night i guess.


I just want to say if I’ve offended anyone that wasn’t my intention.

GAS has been a big problem for me and I’ve only recently got a handle on it so it kind of saddens me to see someone throwing themselves into it hell for leather.

I’d kill for a techno system myself but if I had the money I know for myself paying that much for an instrument and then doing so again would be a big red flag for me that I need to look at my purchases from an outside perspective again.

I can also see that my comments could be taken personally given this is a gear forum and people here are very passionate about their toys as I am…

So again if I’ve offended anyone my apologies.

I hope that at least some of you can see my intentions for what they where meant.