Erica Synths Techno System


You seem to be highly focused on money. How about the several BILLION phones and other ‘consumer’ electrical goods that get thrown away every year, largely into landfill. Is that not more of a concern than someone spending some money on some music gear which will be used by him or other musicians for many many years into the future?

I’m clear on which of the above is worst at least.


He apologized…
Let’s move on, shall we?


I work in waste management, recycling and take care of the largest territory in my country for the largest company in the industry in the Southern Hemisphere and am studying environmental science…

I understand all this only too well and know very well how much goes to waste in today’s society as is part of my job to find and home for it and recycle as much as possible.

Hence yes this is also part of my concern.


A quick question, have you managed to get Bar Auto Copy working, as in when you extend from 16 to 32 steps it automatically copies the first bar to the second? It’s supposed to be a feature, i’ve it enabled in the menu but nothings happening? I’ve done a quick google to see if it’s an issue and found nothing :slight_smile:


funny, i also stumbled over this. i remember reading about this feature but when i extended some tracks to more than one bar, no trigs were there.

but as i had my hands already there and because the sequencer buttons are so well layed out, all missing trigs were placed even before i finished asking myself wehre they are :slight_smile:

so, currently the workflow of putting in trigs doesn’t let me miss or search the copy bar function and i didn’t even bother looking for it, sorry no help here.

one thing though is the transport section in General:

coming from Elektron Units i somehow burned “double-tap stop” into my brain and my muscle memory. and well, this just doesn’t work here but is rather pausing-unpausing the sequencer, which triggers another double-tap from my side, which… you see where this is going :slight_smile:

and i can’t reproduce it, but sometimes i have the feeling that the cv track is a little bit off when i start the sequencer. did you encounter something similar?

but this could also come from missing concentration after 4 hours of use or so :smiley:


You’ve been busy then, I got up far to early today 2.30 am!!! Burnt out now and need a kip but all the Bulldog gang are waking so i have to sort them :smile: It’s addictive

I’ll live without the copy feature for now.

I tried to recreate what you said about the cv being slightly behind but didn’t notice it. So maybe you are burnt out :smile: Could also be a shuffle or micro timing on the first note you may have forgotten about?

I’ve got a sort of cool groove going at the moment, just saved it and going to switch off for now and come back later today when i’m not so tired :slight_smile:

Put up some of your music to help take the bad look off me as I post stuff all the time :smile:


I apologise too for the tone of my responses to you. :v:


haha, rest well.

don’t have the infrastructure to make videos like you. my 2 year old would have to be “steady cam girl” and that will not be going well :joy:


Y? You got two eyes…


I totally feel you, and respect for this statements well!


I’m still sulkily shuffling my feet :angry: and have yet to give the Patch statement a heart. :grinning::grinning::rofl:


It would make an excellent video though as goodness knows what would be filmed :smile:


Imagine this in the techno case :heart_eyes:


I’ve been busy selling gear to fund my
System to go with the techno system

So far I’ve ordered the Techno systems case all the fusion modules and another drum sequencer :grinning:

It’s going to be a cross between the dada noise and drone system with a sprinkle of Va va voom on top!

The case is 104hp x 2 so I should be able to cover off both systems taking in account modules they share :grinning:


one other thing: do you trust the lid to be high enough to close it for transportation with cables still patched?

i tried, but i have the feeling that there is indeed some pressure on the modules. unpatching and repatching could be a thing, as there are like 40 cable patched right now, that’s not even the final form :sweat_smile:


Yeah theres some serious patching with it, I always go nuts with the patching :smile: I’ll have a look at it later :slight_smile:


Image result for reverse cross eyed


I’d probably make that face a lot if I had two ESTSystems


My face is like that as I’ve had hardly any sleep the last few days :smile:


Have a look at right angled cables (such as Tendrils) , it really helps to de-clutter and also to close your case.