Erica Synths Techno System


How is it like having two Ferraris? You can actually use two techno systems together at the same time. How do you know what results are possible? Guess you weren’t a fan of the two oscillator change to the AR. Anyway not that it matters - it isn’t really your right to say anything about what other people want to buy or do to create music. Maybe some amazing results will be achieved… who knows!


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received mine today. what a friggin beast. guys, those demos out there and even @DavyP 's efforts just don’t do this box any justice.

gotta say, it feels and sounds great.

BD decay on lowest setting is still a tiny bit too long, gotta see how i can work around that with the onboard lfos.

played around for some hours for now, didn’t find anything else that bothers me so far.

say hi to our new member…


Hah ha congratulations

I hope the tepid atmosphere in here doesn’t kill the buzz :+1:

And for god sake don’t buy another what-ever you do :smile:


I’d buy a couple of these but I don’t like the handle.

I’ll get some volcas instead.




Ridiculous with the money flaunting comments. Have you seen a Stradivarius before? Or a buchla 200e? Serious cash. But completely up to the musician to decide what they want to do with or without them. More choice is great. Regardless of cost. Down with the negativity on all places an electronic music forum. We are meant to be the folks that understand sacrifing time and money into a hobby or into an art. There are enough skeptics in the world. Don’t let yourself be one. Especially in such a niche community.



I’m looking forward to seeing what those lucky enough to have one are going to do with them!


we will see how this turns out when honeymoon is over.

i am still thinking of my first hardware rig, which was a tanzbär and an A4. got carried away then and acquired way to much stuff along the way, now sold it all and got back to the roots, having a backbag full of experiences and know-how picked up along the way.

still not sure what to pair it with. thinking of a lyra 8, seems to be obvious with that kind of sounds. have to think about it for some days.


2 monitors 2 many
You can only look at one at a time


I feel like the love child of Zippy from Rainbow and Chandler from the Episode of Friends where he couldn’t be sarcastic :smile:

So much could be said :smile:



Have you considered the Erica Drone System? Not sure what style of music you go for though but I have a ton of ideas in my head I could try with them paired up :slight_smile:


yes, considered it, but it’s just too much on the experimental side for me.

doesn’t seem to deliver a single musical tone… but looking forward to your Videos :grinning:


So the Channel retirements gone well :smile:

I came up with this tonight and wanted to share it as i thought it sounded good.

Some crazy sounds from the Techno System, it’s a kind of slow evolving THING. All sounds and Fx techno system

I made use of the drone in both vco’s and then modulated them and ran them through the dual fx and used micro timing on the Percussion to move it a little off beat. The Drum Sequencer has a lot in common with the Elektron boxes in this way when it comes to some of its features.


I second that Lyra goes well with this. It’s great for underlying drones and atmosphere. Although if you think the drone system is too experimental then be prepared to be surprised by the Lyra ahah.

Here’s something with my own -incomplete- Erica techno system plus Lyra :


Nice sounds there. I was waiting for some full power drum and bass beat to kick in! :+1::muscle:


haha, i actually mistook the fusion drone system with the Dada Noise System :smiley:

Fusion Drone would have been an option if I hadn’t already spent 4,2k on the Techno System :slight_smile:

Just pulled the Trigger on a Lyra 8 with Decksaver for 500 EUR, price seemed fair.


How do people ‘control’ such chaos. Thats the part of this i don’t undertand. Or is it just appreciation of randomization ?


My dream setup. Saving up for a techno system right now. New to modular synths hence the wish for a complete system as a starting point. I’ve read some stuff about different levels. Modular vs line level. Is it possible to put a line level signal into one of the mixer modules of the system or do I need an amplifier… Sorry for my noob question.


usually there are dedicated modules for external line input/output