Erica Synths Techno System


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I have the make noise B&G system and , as it may be easy to just create abstract ideas from it , a great example of what can be done with the system is this :
I think it shines the best with a keyboard or external sequencer to play with the rene.
DPO can be very easy to come across as aggressive , however the system has taught me for “nicer” sounds i have to be quite careful with my strength of modulation or else things can get out of control. To a certain degree also , i would argue and particular within the style within that modular based on the west coast concepts Buchla , Wiard etc. It is very easy to create more textural abstract pieces but you could also argue it is quite hard to do something east coast as they are not predisposed to something more vanilla .It is very easy to create a simple meat and veg patch on a east coast synth , which is great. The point im trying to make is that they are simply different and i don’t think we should judge the machines we use like that as a lot of it has to do with a users patching ability and also composition. Which i guess too is subject to taste.

But back to the Erica System. I think it would really pair well with the shuttle system! I sort of wish i knew how powerful it was for the size as i’d love to pick it up with the techno system for Buchla techno!


Agree this would make a very nice system ! And it exists in black as well :alien:

Actually someone on muff went Erica-all-in and built this :


Killer system


Well after the car crash that was Tuesday -

Don’t mix alcohol and medicine!!! So Apologies for the random nuttiness!!! And I guess I’ll never be a role model or a shining light :blush:

Here’s another play about with the Techno System

Focussed on the performance aspects of the drum sequencer in case it’s of interest to anyone :slight_smile:


I was planning something down tempo and ambient…

Didn’t work out that way :smile:

Had to bin this one as one of my bank cards was visible in the video :smile:


By far the best one by now. Headnodding away…


Good stuff :slight_smile: Glad you enjoyed it.

I think I’m going to park the Sounds from the Shed project for a while. I was sitting today doing a video and wondered what I was actually achieving. And had I let it become more about the bling (gear!) than the music. Plus I seem to attracting a lot of venom from different quarters and I can’t really be arsed with that :smile:

So I’m going to spend some time completing a few songs may release an EP under a different project name with no videos and trying some different stuff out rather than producing demos and showing a load of gear.

Still going to grab the other Erica stuff but keep it to myself this time :grin:


Seriously wtf is that it’s up to each person to do whatever they want with their money. And regardless you have NO clue what this guy does for charity - not that it’s any of your business- you’ve assumed it’s zero and taken the moral high ground.

So please get off your high horse and move on.

Edit - and just after I replied I scrolled further down and saw Adam J’s response. Soz!


I’d love to see more videos/photos once you craft this EP.
I love seeing your videos.
Not only is it cool to see such a set up, they sound REALLY GOOD the way you use them.
There’s plenty of us who’d like to hear and see what you are doing with the Erica Synth rig plus whats left of the AS stuff.
Looking forward to the EP.
If I were you I’d post on Vimeo as opposed to YouTube.
People are a lot more polite and supportive if they comment, plus it just looks better.


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keep it, dont need 2 cents right now


Ps- I said “if you don’t already give to charity”

It’s like buying two ferraris

You can only drive one at a time so it’s excessive and wasteful.

I’ll ride my high horse all day if I like just like his right to waste his money and flaunt it on the internet. But don’t do it and expect no one to say anything.


Ignoring the name calling side of things I’ll address the muddy mess point

Theres 6 mixers, 10 seperate audio outs plus I have a qu32, if i ended up with a muddied mess I’d be doing something very badly wrong.

Not that I’m saying I’m a genius but it would be very hard to make them sound bad together.

And sharing gear purchases on a synth site is flaunting? I love reading about the stuff people get. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

You need to chill Patch

Anyway that’s all I have to say regarding this as I tend to get frequent holidays from the site for engaging in these matters with too much vigour :


Lets just ignore whoever it is and move forward