Erica Synths Techno System


And also the courier has just brought something, Twins!!!



Woah!!! :star_struck:


This information is hard to process


Beware, sometimes they come as triplets… :wink:


First link up!!!

I’d done most of the work this morning before the second Techno System arrived so all I had to do was add in the bits of percussion and modulation from the second system.

I made use of the Patterns in this one so all I did was hit play, did a filter sweep and then turned up the fx wet/dry control near the end :smile:


Is it only one baseline module that we are listening to? Sounds massive. And some serious gear porn video editing. Top notch


Holy shitballs on fire!


Yeah just one Bassline. I turned the vca envelope all the way to the right so it drones when notes are not being triggered. Then when combined with the filter modulation it gives a huge sound. Only had the sub and detune set to about half way. Pretty big sound for one vco :grinning:

The second system is doing percussion and some modulation. Then at the end I add a bit of fx to the Bassline on the first system.

It’s a very user friendly system :sunglasses:


Been playing about some more :smile: as you do!

In this one I used a ton of wires patching, ended up having to open another packet :slight_smile:

It’s one Pattern, but I used triggs, changes to sequence lenghts and random playback directions to get variety. Then all I had to do was remember which knobs to turn as I’m still a “Noob” with it :smile:

I’m in danger of becoming an Erica fan boy, really loving their stuff and am still eyeing up the Drone System and the Liquid Sky Dada Noise for weird sounds :smile:


grooooooooooooveyyyyyyyyyy :thup:


So are you ready to bite yet? :smile: I get the impression you want one but just haven’t quite won the argument with yourself yet :thinking:, I think the only thing I will change is to swap out the hi-hat sample module for a hi-hat analogue module, i’ll live with the cymbals, but i prefer all analogue and to make my own sounds so it’s kind of weird dialling in a hi-hat sample (albeit a nice sounding hi-hat) especially as it’s so easy to make a nice analogue hi-hat.

I would add that the drum sequencer with the internally wired triggers is a fantastic module on it’s own, to save on that number of wires really helps and was really well thought out :slight_smile:


Nah, as beautiful as it looks - because it really looks beautiful - I am going to get another B&G Shared System (for that kind of money)… I think it will sit nicely next to my Model 15 and its more akin to the type of music I want to make!
For drums I use the Jomox Alpha Base, OT, Tanzbar and soon the 8raw8 (which is a BEAST)

All sequenced from the mighty Cirklon :thup:

I will live vicariously through your experiences for the time being! :grinning:


See the B&G shared system is a strange one. It relies on the make noise dpo, which is not a nice sounding oscillator no matter what you try to do with it. Too harsh!

Saying that it could be just me not able to coax a sound out of it :smile:

Plus to get an envelope generator you virtually have to jump through hoops!!!

Plus Rene is just ok and no more.

The only thing I found useful about it was the CV bus. But then again that was my experience of it and we all have different ideas of what we want, but as a depeche mode, vince clarke, martin gore etc fan the make noise b&g was the wrong direction :slight_smile:

It looked nice but sounded bad… in my hands anyway :slight_smile:

And i’m being serious here, i only used it as a cv bus and sold it to buy a Polymath which is 1000 times better (to me :slight_smile: )

Make noise shared systems most viewed youtube video

v’s my humble effort:

That was the designer of the make noise v’s little old me, i thought my effort compared well :smile: I like to make music not Make Noise!


The DPO can be harsh but it depends on how you use it… if you turn down the folding you can get some really really sweet tones. Alessandro Cortini is a good example of someone that knows how to tame this beast

I sold my B&G and have regretted it ever since so I’m picking it up again and yes it also looks beautiful. But as with anything, you need to spend time with it to get the most out of it.

But they are completely different beasts and shouldnt be compared. The SS is an experimental box begging to be patched in creative ways. By contrast, the Techno System is far more limited in CV and pre-patched from the get go via the busboard (and rightly so, its a drum machine first).

Also, my experience with modular drums has not been pleasant… at the end of the day (for my use) it was far too labour intensive and realised I much preferred a digital interface that can still be controlled by the Cirklon.

Regarding “tonality”, if I want “sweet tones”… the dynamic range on the Model 15 is superior to anything I have ever heard so it will be a complimentary unit to that.

No matter how good one is at patching, one will never be able to do this type of stuff on a Techno System:

Regardless, the Techno System is a fantastic bit of kit no doubt, and as with anything, in the right hands it will sing! :thup:


But to me the linked video is just bleeps and bloops, albeit tuned to a musical scale,

I could turn my synths on, not touch them and get something as random out of them as I always keep them in tune. Ha ha that sounds so arrogant, but i don’t mean it that way.

The techno system is only pre patched via its triggers, gate and cv for the percussion, the rest you have to do yourself. Essentially it’s a drum machine, with an awesome sequencer and a really good one oscillator vco. I think it’s been designed to be turned on and get nice sounds out of right away for those buying a modular system for the first time.

But you can modulate it, tweak it, patch it, it’s modular so you can do what you want with it.

And thats the main point, it’s modular, so looking at it on it’s own you could say it does not have this or that.

That’s not how it was made, it was made open ended so the end user could do what they want with it. It may be called a Techno system but to me it’s play dough :slight_smile:

As a final edit lol, the Polymath owns anything by moog :smile:


wow to choose between MN Shared System and Erica Techno System… That a nice problem to have.
On the second thought, can I take full collection of Ciat-Lonbarde instead:


No offense but the Alpha Base modulation sources and Midi CC controls blow this out of the water in every single way almost… p116 of the manual, 5 pages of parameters you can modulate/tweak, with digital storage, samples, the best analog kick on the market and best in class VCAs bar none for almost 1/3 of the price…

the only thing not as good is obviously the sequencer… but then again a Cirklon blows that out of the water too lol

Sorry no. It sounds amazing and I’ve heard one up close but to argue it sounds “better” is a silly comment because a) it’s purely subjective and b) 5U systems use better parts. I own a Moog Model 15 and I wouldn’t trade it for 5 PolyMaths. :grin:


on the downside: besides the first announcement, sample drum module isn’t included (as it isn’t with the two units you got there…)

on the bright side: its already on it’s way, scheduled delivery on thursday. can’t wait.

what lessens the downside is, that the seller (who was told by Erica that sample drum will be included) shows himself very cooperative and offers a special deal on the module when it will be available or offers a discount on another module of my choice.

Think i will wait for the sample drum as it seems to be the right choice to expand the system with all the perc-elements that the rest of the system isn’t offering (all the bleeps, zaps, boings, shakers, etc.)

I am so much looking forward to receiving the unit, I keep coming back to watching the vids of it…


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