Erica Synths Techno System


Now this is a bit of a daft one, the Bassline does a beaker impersonation in this one.
All sounds and fx from the Techno System

As a footnote, my second Techno System has been dispatched and I’ll have it on Monday

Happy days :smile:


A slightly more sensible video this time, I took a 16 step sequence and applied various probability, randomness, and direction changes, plus some modulation via cv to the sound.

The Triggs are pretty easy to add and remove and fun to use :slight_smile:

It gives a rough idea of the sort of variation you can achieve.


I salute you sir , looking forward to vids of the twin system rocking !


Thanks Cornish, hopefully I can deliver the goods!!! :sweat:


That’s… kinda not really ok

Actually excessive and needless. I have to be honest and say you should’ve if you have that much money to burn given to charity if your not already giving that much.

It’s really what’s wrong with the world this kind of attitude. Two of these playing together is just going to sound like a mess and flood the mix.

Sorry I just had to say it.

I’m out.



You might well be best advised to steer clear of the “Your Setups” thread, quite a lot of people in there with huge amounts of gear!!! :smile:


That’s about the most daft take to have on elektronauts for any thread. Everyone makes their own choices. I’ve seen people here that have that much invested in elektron gear alone. Honestly, if you followed through on your own advice you wouldn’t even be here because you wouldn’t be “wasting” money and time on such a “frivolous” thing as music gear because you wouldn’t have time for music because one “should” spend whatever extra time you have volunteering.



Ah cmon,
dont kill the passion!


Would love to own this looks the dogs bollocks!!! Eric synths really know what some of us want.



I gave a homeless dude a fiver once. I hope that qualifies me to own my 15u of Eurorack. fingers crossed


You should have donated that money to erica synths


Wow those kicks and snare are amazing man. You can build textures on just that alone


Finding my flow with the Techno System now.

Here’s one showing it’s not a one trick Pony, a bit of Moody stuff. All sounds from the Techno System. Apart from one of the delays(which came from the Qu32 mixer) all fx are also Techno System

Plenty of percussion modulation going on in this one and a longer release for the Bassline with filter cutoff modulation and a few manual tweaks. Nice clear sound also, loving this system. :slight_smile:


They’re punchy, and can be aggressive or more subtle with relative ease. :slight_smile:
Really impressed by the Erica Synth stuff, hadn’t tried any of it before.


This was a bit of practice tweaking , learning the Bassline module sweet spots and getting up to speed with things. I usually do my videos live so like to practice :slight_smile: So this is a live practice video :smile:

Could have used the second system for this one to do additional synth lines :+1:

It is a good sounding system though, very user friendly. I have a few things that would be nice to have on the drum sequencer that I’m going to request via email. If you don’t ask you don’t get! But i understand they are pretty good about updates :slight_smile:


what did you ask them for if you don’t mind me asking?

mine should be on the way next week, can’t wait


Undo key, Copy and Paste bars, Sequence to copy to next bar automatically when you increase the length.

It’s likely this stuff will come in an update but always worth giving a reminder.

The Drum sequencers really good to work with but needs those features to speed things up, especially the undo key as I have deleted everything by accident more than once :slight_smile:

As an Edit, I just found out you can recall accidentely deleted patterns by hitting the Pattern record button that acts as a recall when in the Pattern Play mode. Still needs undo though!


Wow, really glad youre enjoying it that much Davy!

I’ve been thinking about it for some time… I absolutely love tweaking and pressing so think a machine like this would be tons and tons of fun.

The only thing holding me back still is how vanilla the sounds are. To my ears, I am definitely not convinced it is any better than any other generic drum 808/909 machine out there (thus far). Sure you can tweak the bassline or the kick etc to your liking but it doesnt sound “unique”. I appreciate if its 808/909 you are after then this ticks a lot of boxes I guess.

Also, I am actually more impressed with your PolyMath and other AS shenanigans! :joy::joy::joy:. I will definitely be looking in that direction and will ask Tom if he plans of building any more of those big bad boys. I have also lusted for a MegaCity for some time.

Nonetheless, well done to you and keep the videos coming… One thing I definitely underestimated is the fun factor which is very obvious through your enthusiasm… This is an enormous part of the whole user experience.


You can’t go wrong with a Polymath. Probably one of the most unique synths you can buy. Last I heard there was one left but that was a month or so back. :slight_smile:

I think the Techno System has to be looked at as a small part of the whole, in isolation most kicks, snares etc are going to sound “samey” (new word!) to some degree, but when put into the mix with other instruments they give a good account of themselves :smile:

Plus soo many knobs and patch points!!! It’s worth it for the Drum Sequencer alone, really fast and easy to use :slight_smile: