End of an Elektron Era?

Octatrack is dead.


Hmmmmm. Should I get an OTII and put it 20 years unopened into the cupboard?

Daniel Troberg aka Erase was a real asset to Elektron, it is a shame that he has left, I’m sure that he will be successful in whatever he does next, I like him, his music and his always helpful and enthusiastic attitude.


Nah, use it for making sinister drone muzak for use on weird music tech conspiracy theory vids


That’s what I’m gonna do! Thank you! :wink:

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As for an end of an era, I think it is more just evolutionary, Overbridge was the real start of the change from my perspective as a long time user of Elektron gear, I wasn’t really that interested in seamless computer integration myself but I can certainly see why it became an area for Elektron to expand into, so long as OB isn’t a requirement I’ll still be interested in Elektron gear and so far I don’t see any reason to believe that it would or will ever be.

Still, I guess I kind of miss the Elektron of old, it was a much smaller company and felt more “cosy” in a way and less corporate, but even so there are still some outstanding employees who often go above and beyond, so I remain optimistic and enthusiastic about Elektron.


This video is really something, never thought I would see a conspiracy theory video about this.

First of all, I miss Daniel a lot. His presence was invaluable in many ways, and if nothing else he is a great person, musician and friend.

Secondly, the sheer disrespect of assuming that no one else here has ever done any substantial work is quite something. The Octatrack is not one persons vision, it’s a team effort just like any other of our products.

Yes, Daniel was instrumental in the Octatrack’s design, but so was Jon, Jimmy and many others that are still with us.

Assuming that one person is the sole reason for all of this is just bizarre, and quite hurtful to us who work day and night making these instruments.


chemtrails: ELEKTRON-edition :joy:


Max marco’s video work about elektron machines is excellent; I haven’t yet watched this episode though.

The inside comment from Ess above should be posted alongside it on YouTube - deducing a personal view from comments, supposition and a story-making perspective and presenting it in a polished journalistic manner can be grossly misleading compared to reality.


Was there a specific part of the video that claimed nobody else contributed to the design of the Octatrack?

Edit: If there was, I missed it.


Same here, I didn’t get that from the video?



Ha, maybe not the video but just noticed the first sentence of this thread might set that tone

“Octatrack is dead.”


I saw Daniels post about his retirement post some time ago on FB. As a long time Elektron user I totally disagree with Aintnopicnic. Elektron has evolved and revolutionized the whole Machinedrum concept and still brings out unique concepts as for example the Digitone.

I see a lot of people around me growing into Elektron who where not into Elektron when I got my first Machinedrum.

So great appreciation to the people who work for Elektron!


I just assumed this video was some kind of joke (excessively sinister background music, narrator tone…). Isn’t it the case ?


Hmm, there was an update for mkII just the other week.

I certainly hope there will be some more updates and until Elektron state otherwise I’ll believe that there may be.


No, that guy doesn’t really post comedic videos

I guess that says more about my own sense of humor than anything else then :rofl:


But you are responsible for spreading it.


I think the video strongly implies that Daniel was instrumental in most products, while the truth is that it’s a team effort - but of course his input has been important, just like many others have.