Enabling direct jump on legacy trinity

There was a discussion on another thread that really interested me. It’s about enabling a Direct Jump mode comparable to what is available on the Analog series.

Thank you @PeterHanes and @sezare56 for your input, but I must admit this is some advanced techniques I am not very used to.
Would you mind developing a bit?

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With MD Map Editor you can set notes to trigger patterns, with gate option (patterns are stopped with notes off). @PeterHanes may develop.

Considering Direct Jump with SPP, it is pretty complicated, and requires a midi processor.
I allows to play any step of an arrangement in Elektron gear having song mode and SPP.

SPP messages with midi controller?

Direct Jump with SPP, receiving midi notes :

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Well, my role in this has basically been to mistake your wish for DIRECT JUMP on the MD as a wish for DIRECT START. :zonked:


Ah. OK.
A pity, I’m so fond of direct jump ^^