Empress Zoia // Euroburo

Is there a forum or something where we can follow the developement of this ? Their website does not even mention the name…

Thx a lot ! :slight_smile:

Any word on whether they plan to stuff some genuine empress effects into it? Or is it more PD in a box? Guessing it’s more the latter…

In one of the videos, they said that they were the same building blocks as the reverb and delay boxes, so you could recreate them. However, they would come with none of what he called “the presets”.

Interesting. Would be really cool if they were stuffing it with analog effect components like BBD chips and germanium transistors and such. But that’s probably unrealistic. Digital ‘only’ doesn’t make it much less cool. I’m sure some of their best effects -the tape delay, for instance- are digital.

yeah their delays are all digital, and some of the best I have tried (for guitar).
I seem to understand they will put basic reverb and delay blocks, but the user will have to figure out how the “Presets\engines” in their flagship pedals have been created.
I mean, their echosystem delay has a wonderful space echo and a great bbd simulation, you won’t get that out of the box in the zoia

So whatever happened to this?

The goal is to release Zoia by end of 2018, see discussion here.


Cuckoo said it’s still in beta, but what an interesting box…been following this from the beginning. Still seems really cool to me

Empress with a little pre-NAMM publicity?

ADDED: I expect to see some more videos very soon from some of the usual sources – Loopop, etc.

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I think the zoia looks sweet, I know it’s a guitar pedal but I wish someone would make something a bit bigger. Imagine some size between a digitakt and an MPC live, purely for FX and weird modular experimentation. There’s definitely a market for a crazy effect unit like that. The zoia is almost there but it looks so tiny and I don’t know enough about the UI to figure out whether that’s gonna be irritating. I suppose the best thing till then is laptop or an iPad but that’s not really it either. Maybe real modular is actually the way

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I hope you’re right! Loopop does such a great job of getting ‘under the hood’ and showing all the inner workings of machines


Dude is my favourite youtuber, love his videos. I find most youtube people completely grating but he’s so informative, no cheesiness but also without being boring dry information. Really appreciate his stuff

Perfectly said and totally agree. I’ve found many of Cuckoo’s tutorials to be very helpful too. Max Marco is doing great videos explaining the OT as well. Kenny Zhao (sp?) is off to a good start. It seems like too many want to be celebrities and start drinking their own koolaid when a couple comments support a specific quirk. So many that start off so well that eventually turn into something just too cringy for me :slight_smile:

What can I say?

I’m very “empressed”

Sorry couldn’t resist



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The Interface Looks fiddly to use. As Synth i d say the Digitone is easier to use. And probably Sounds better too.

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The earliest videos posted by Empress a year ago made it look like more of an effects box with a crazy amount of routing options. They suggested it could be used as a synth, but my take on it was that’s just one of the many things it can do. Looks too fiddly? I fear that too. Hoping it will have a good editor and I would’ve been happier if it was about 4x bigger, personally. Still, on the surface it looks pretty groundbreaking and I’ll most likely give it a try.

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They said no editor awhile back. Who knows though.

I am much less interested in it as a synth than a modular fx processor, Empress style.