Cool hardware audio processing units

There was an update on IG. It’s still on the way. They want it out by the end of the year.

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Wow thank you so very much for your big effort to help me.
Will try soon if I come closer to indiv channel tanzbär- mackie- f box jamming.
Unfortunately I lent it to a friend at the moment.
Yes I read the vlz 12 manual, well written, many possibilities, for me too much, even more complicated on a allen heat i also have,
And here the fx loop thing confused me more.
E nauts is a great and often very entertaining place.

I get it…it can be confusing…& me actin like I know what I’m talking about…I think I’m wrong above…

I’m pretty sure an fx loop is actually an in & an out combined…argh…so I think I told you wrong info…

The way I explained it above with using aux 1 would be if you plugged aux 1 to the input on the Fusion box & then the outs of the Fusion box to it’s own channel on the mixer.

The fx loop should make it so you don’t have to use a track/channel on the mixer… I’ll see if I can find more info & will let you know :smile:

Luckily I have free time at work that allows me to do research & read manuals.

Is this your mixer?

The KP3 doesn’t subtract from the sound quality? I def. disagree. I’ve had a KP2, KP3, and I still have my KP3+. While they’re a lot of fun and have their place, they def. don’t sound fantastic, though sometime that is part of the charm.


There is no news at all about the Zoia though …:roll_eyes:

1 day ago: “[P]roduction has started. I know it’s been a painful wait for a release date… I can say that if we dont release Zoia in 2018 I will punch myself in the face.”


Your effort to help.
Yes, thats the mixer.
Just thougt it would be maybe of interest also for others here,
me im interested because im too lazy to produce whole tracks, but dirty improvised jamming i like also.
Have a nice evening, thanks a lot
Hope I can try it out soon.

I really regret selling my warpfactory. I had so much fun with it. Highly recommend.

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Paul Perry did a cool thing when he decided to release the Sonic Alienator in the early 2000s. I got one around 2003. He was clever by releasing a hardware unit that combined real time continuously variable control of sample rate, a resonant analog filter, pre/post routing and wave folding. It’s a niche box and it’s mono but it is really cool that Paul decided to make an analog version of what, at the time, was just becoming a common bit of effects in the VSTi world.


Anything Eventide


Iotine Core and Room from Niio Analog.

The Nord Modular G2 is mind blowing as an FX processor.
ex :


The Electrix full size rack units are very cool. I have a Mo-Fx, Filter Factory, Warp Factory, and had a Repeater for awhile. Built like tanks too.


We’ll see how they end up managing patching They had claimed no editor but I think they said there would be a community database available.

My guess is that this will be their H9: loads of choice algorithms available plus updates in the future. In addition it will be fully customizable by more intrepid, patient souls for the lazier of us to plunder. But that’s totally a guess.

Afaik Axoloti, Organelle, Norns and Nord all require an editor and I’m just not into that right now (unfortunately cause they are all completely amazing).

We’ll see…

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was super impressed with this , mono though but hey :slight_smile: would have grabbed one but a little on the expensive side i thought , ill be grabbing the dreadbox epsilon next week though , sounds bad ass too:)

Ah yes I remember I really liked the sound of that what it came out.

No problem :grinning:
I like making everything live / somewhat improvised jamming as well :slight_smile:
I’m just not a fan of arranging & prefer to go by feel. My beats might suffer because of it, but whatever, I’m having fun & gaining those skills!

With respects to setting up your Fusion box with the mixer, you should be able to set up the Fusion box with your mixer using the fx loop & not having to sacrifice a track on your mixer. If I find out how I will let you know. There are definitely a few ways to use your effects boxes with that mixer. Just try stuff out & read the manual, the manual should be pretty helpful (but I get it, mixer’s can be confusing).

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for your effort. Appreciate it very much.
Would be nice if I find out or someone can help. Wrote to erica also, but they are probably busy ( if you have like 4000 euro spare and need a drummachine, they are working on euro techno system atm:)
I lent f box to friend at the moment,
will try again, the last time without result.
Also wouldnt care about stereo or using a track, just (if there is) the easiest or best sounding setup to add or remove f box noise to some individual channels.
Have a nice evening

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The EHX Mod Rex looks potentially useful, what with MIDI and pulse sync plus clock division for all 4 effect parameters (modulation, tremelo, pan and filters) as well as full MIDI control of all parameters and for preset recall:


I have been drooling over this for some time now. Is it as good as one would think?