Elektrons live in the boiler room

Just started watching this. Elektrons in action. Enjoying it.


Looks super impressive but… as an MD veteran, I can see a lot of fake tweaking and dancing around the buttons without real action. Like pressing “NO” several times in a row which absolutely makes no sense in the MD workflow. I don’t like this attitude of pretending.


I totally read that as Elektrons living in the boiler room, like an airing cupboard for UK people :sweat_smile:


what i see is someone who really knows their way around their kit :slight_smile:
i know the OT well and they definitely know what they’re doing,
i don’t know the MD so well but i can see lots of careful control in muting and sound modifying…
(and when I play live and get a bit lost in it I often end up hitting buttons on my OT more than I need to )


Thanks for posting this. Great set.

Dude in the Tool T-shirt represents!

She is pressing ‘no’ to exit the mute mode menu. She is quite skilled, and nailed it. And well, what is the problem with little bites on knobs? Every now and then we see Djs biting their EQs for no reason. She has a great sense of pace carrying out Bpms to good transitions. Loved it! Live sets demand practice, and she definitely took her time learning the machines. Big up for her! She sounds awesome!


Thanks for sharing!

Pressing NO once to quit mute node or just to make sure you are not in mute mode is okay. But pressing twice or three times in a row and quite often? And the big jog wheel also touched too often without reason. Like 10 times in a minute just back and force without working on the parameters.
Sorry, I’m a punk in soul and hate pretenders. Be a punk, be honest and true or practice a lot like Kink, Dave Mech, Dataline just to name a few real five star live act heroes.


Pressing No or Stop more than required is common. The real five star live act heroes you mentioned above do it all the time. And spinning the big dial on the MD is a stress-reliever & a tiny-reset (to remember what to do next). Post your videos so we can pick apart all of your little tics and other eccentricities.

That’s wonderful.


As I said in my OP, I enjoyed the music and it was good to see some Elektrons in action. Pressing and fiddling with equipment ‘unnecessarily’ is all part of the performance to me - drummers twirling their sticks, guitarists windmilling and jumping around etc. is no different (the Sex Pistols did that too!). My only regret now is that these Elektrons are not actually living in a boiler room.


I work with large dmx light controllers a lot. Very complex systems. The most used button is ‘clear’ which cancels any selection. On some tables double clear is complete exit of all functions/selections. You ll see a light operator frantically hitting the clear button before starting a new operation, also when not technically necessary. It s an automatism.


I might be doing something wrong then, I don’t keep constantly playing “No” but I do it from time to time, maybe I’m banging to the beat and I like the feel of the “No” button? I don’t know but I do a lot of useless motions when I’m practicing/jamming to keep in the flow, sometimes I need to stop and let the machines work, sometimes I need to keep in the flow to drive me to where I want to go.

I don’t know, it’s just a mannerism, not sure if she is doing it for show or for the same reasons I do, I honestly don’t care though.

Quick edit: Oh yeah! I also remember I had to cover why I started banging more the “No” button, I mistakenly have pressed “Fn” + “Yes” a fucking lot on my Digitakt, I wanted to paste my temp saved pattern after a drop/change all motion and would press “Yes” automatically because it’s the most used button when using the menus (“Yes” to select samples, “Yes” to confirm saving, etc.) so it was a very automatic motion. I just started pressing the “No” more often to practice not automatically pressing “Yes” and became a habit.


That sounds quite clever! Have to try that…

I have pretty severe social anxiety. When I’m talking to people I don’t know I do all sorts of shit with my hands and touching my face constantly to relieve the anxiety. If I was playing live and someone shoved a couple of cameras two feet from my face and live streamed it on YouTube I’d be a fucking nervous wreck. If she’s pressing a few buttons too many here and there it’s probably because she doesn’t want to be live streamed to the world standing in front of her gear picking her nose, so a few self-conscious little tics maybe make her feel a little less nervous in front of the cameras. It’s not like she’s gone the full David Guetta invisible faders and hands in the air bullshit.
Also, the likes of Kink, Dave Mech and Dataline are all very experienced and regular YouTube streamers, they’re probably a little more used to having the camera’s on them.
Give a kid a break, man.


Thanks for posting this. Never heard of Kaishandao before; I like it a lot.

@Elektron How about an artist interview? Looks like a very interesting artist to hear from regarding her Elektron gear use!


Kinda like this


Pardon? Pressing „No“ several times in a row is one of the most important moves live. It‘s a state-independent way to quickly get to the standard view and select a specific track.

Yes, she uses a lot of prepared stuff, even more on the OT than on the MD, but her moves are definitely no fake but rather precise and efficient.


You never hit no a bunch of times just to get back to the main screen?


cool set. i didn’t expect the guitar while listening in the background. it’s also nice to see someone piece together decent flow in a live set with just a couple of boxes.